Tips to get maximum downloads for your app

Who doesn’t want a successful business? For making a successful app businesses try many strategies. Having an app is also one of the ways to make a business successful. But developing an app is just the initial step but what follows next is to have loyal customers for the app. With the increased dependency on […]

Why are mobile apps better than websites?

There has been a constant debate between mobile apps and websites and their impact and benefits on the business. Many are in the favor of mobile apps while some are still the supporters of having websites. But there has not been any confirmed answer to this evergreen topic for discussion. Web development companies still find […]

How to make an existing app shine again?

The advancement in technology and the grown dependency of people on smartphones have undoubtedly increased the demand for mobile phones. Also, the recent times clearly indicate the increase in the number of smartphone users. The grown demand of mobile phones has made the need for mobile apps pretty obvious. By adding every ease in our […]

Benefits of AWS for app development

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been doing the rounds for quite some time. It is the latest technology that has attracted many developers. Being a secure cloud service platform it offers many functionalities like data storage, content delivery and so on. Along with offering reliability, it is highly flexible. With AWS the developers can focus […]