Securing the Instant Messaging to the Next Level

Our messages are not as private as we think they are, it’s getting harder to keep the prying eyes away from our private messages. With all the recent accusations and revelations on spying the common people, the ‘privacy’ has become a precious commodity that everyone wants to treasure. Messaging is an important means of communication […]

Automation Expectations from Smart Home Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving unprecedented insights and efficiencies, one of them being the evolution of Smart Home Technology. In order to bring next Technology Revolution, many tech giants are racing to develop an operating system using the best of what Artificial Intelligence offers. The other term used for Smart Home is Home […]

What Blockchain offers other than Bitcoins?

Cryptocurrencies, one of the most popular and fascinating trending topic in the finance industry right now. This digital, encrypted currency that is designed for the purchase of goods and services online let’s say Bitcoin, has shown an explosive growth over the past few years. But with the current situation witnessing the continuous fall in the […]

Explaining Smart Contracts of the Blockchain Technology

As of today, we know that Bitcoin is the king of the cryptocurrency with its primary use being a digital currency. With this rapid popularity, the blockchain technology has made its way into our lives and also our mobile apps. A recent example for this is the KFC Bitcoin Bucket, yet this is exactly what […]

The Next Big Thing of 2018 – Blockchain

What actually is Blockchain? Basically, it is a way of storing and sharing information across a network of users in an open virtual space. Let’s understand with an example of Food Industry i.e., the food retailer would know with whom his suppliers have had dealings in the past. And this makes it very difficult to […]

Need of Cloud Monitoring in Mobile App Development

Each day more and more services are opting for cloud and this has generated a need for cloud monitoring tools to manage the performance. To track and troubleshoot the business services that have moved to a cloud is not an easy task. Many issues regarding the visibility, availability and network paths are encountered which requires […]

Top Android Apps to make your Christmas even more Merrier

Just a few more days until Christmas! It’s a busy time of the month with all that decorations and shopping for presents. Doing all these tasks on your own can really exhausting, this is the part where you need to get some help from your Smartphone i.e. Android Applications. We have summoned up the top […]

Why to use WordPress to create a Startup Website

According to a Forbes survey, 9 out 10 startups fail mainly due to basic mistakes like exceeding the budget, lack of resources and poor company website. For a startup, it’s important to have a consolidated and well-managed professional website to create an online presence. When you are trying to start your own business, creating a […]

Common Myths about Cybersecurity (and Tips)

Cybersecurity known as IT security is basically a set of techniques to ensure the protection of data of computer systems, networks and software programs from any kind of damage, attack and unauthorized access. This post will clear some misconceptions on the topic of cybersecurity that have been plaguing to a lot of people for quite […]
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