Why to use WordPress to create a Startup Website

According to a Forbes survey, 9 out 10 startups fail mainly due to basic mistakes like exceeding the budget, lack of resources and poor company website. For a startup, it’s important to have a consolidated and well-managed professional website to create an online presence. When you are trying to start your own business, creating a […]

Common Myths about Cybersecurity (and Tips)

Cybersecurity known as IT security is basically a set of techniques to ensure the protection of data of computer systems, networks and software programs from any kind of damage, attack and unauthorized access. This post will clear some misconceptions on the topic of cybersecurity that have been plaguing to a lot of people for quite […]

Want A Thriving Business? Focus on avoiding these mistakes when developing an app!

It’s 2017, the year when digitalization is on the roll and entrepreneurs want their business to be digitalized as well so that they won’t fall out of the loop. As per the recent report, the global app market is expected to reach over $75 Billion which means your company’s app has to stand out in […]

Things to keep in mind when dealing with an Android App Development Company

According to a recent survey, a Smartphone user on an average basis has around 60 to 90 applications installed in his/her phone but uses just 30 apps in a time period of a month, that’s means in a single day we spend a minimum of 2 hours using them. But what are these apps that […]

iPad App Development: Feature your APP on iOS store

Since the inception of iPad by Apple in 2010, this tablet computer received positive reviews from all across the globe; as a result, millions of iPads were sold in the initial months of the release. Even today after several years the iPad App Development covers a large portion of the IT sector keeping in sync […]

How to Create an MVP for Your Mobile App

A minimum viable product (MVP) is best thought of as a list of the essential features your app needs. It helps you get the base product developed quickly and seamlessly, moving the app into user testing more quickly and allowing you to beta test more efficiently. So, it is essential that you are able to […]