Intellectual Property Protection
and Data Security

At ChromeInfo technologies, we make the best efforts to protect the intellectual property and data of our client's business. We understand the real importance of intellectual property and data and help our clients to safeguard them in the best way possible.


Intellectual Property Protection Measures We follow –

  • We sign confidentiality clauses with our clients that let us keep our client’s business idea and requirements 100% confidential.
  • Apart from that, we also sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our clients to protect their business intellectual property.
  • Apart from that, the employees from both our end and client’s end sign these clauses and agreements too.

Data Protection Measures We Follow –

  • We follow entirely custom designed data security practices to safeguard our client’s business data.
  • The team at ChromeInfotech is 100% committed to delivering advanced level data security benefits to our clients. We do that through various data security certification also.
  • At ChromeInfotech, each of our employees is full time and bound by company clauses and policies.
  • Apart from that, we maintain separate data backups of client’s data on multiple storage areas that can be only accessed by authorized professionals.
  • We have a fully well-established IT infrastructure in Place to tackle all concerns related to data security.
  • We do not authorize the use of external storage devices by our employees for whatsoever reason.

What we achieve through the above –

  • 100% Intellectual property Protection
  • 100% Data Security
  • 100% Business Confidentiality.


Vice President

ChromeInfotech has the ability to be dynamic. They adjust their team and their approach based on our needs. They've done a lot of changes, and a lot of adjustments, to be able to meet our specific needs, and that's pretty impressive for a programming team, especially one that's already in existence.
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