The point of differentiation

Three universal facts that defines your mobile apps success is – presenting the right information, keeping it simple and going by the human behavior. This is the hook that separates your app from the competition – the experience that a user gets when using the app – one of the most decisive factors of accepting or rejecting your app at the very first interaction itself. So this places a strategic priority on Mobile UX design to drive engagements and facilitate app’s adoption in the market. Your Mobile Apps can only make an impact, if the users can see the point of using it; and for this you have to serve your users an exceptional UI/UX to help them understand your app, clearly and quickly!


Mobile User Experience

An ideal Mobile UX design

We are in a mobility ecosystem, where the drive is to keep users engaged and happy about your app – the way they get to do things. Everything is determined by the user experience, the beauty and the ease of use. Only a consistent and impressive design helps you build trust and confidence amongst your customers.

  • A Good Enterprise Mobile UI Designing Helps you Communicate, Easy and Fast
  • Helps Establish Confidence and Trust
  • Creates value in terms of competitive advantage
  • Strengthen Customer loyalty, trust, and market share
  • Helps Customers interact in a dynamic, efficient, and user-friendly way
Simple Yet Smart DESIGN As first impression is everything so we create visual magic by blending colors
ChromeInfotech - Delivering right Information in the Right Way Chrome Infotech is a globally renowned Mobile UX Design Company, helping enterprises create experiences that adjust itself gracefully for an everlasting mobility drive. At Chrome Infotech, we believe that a good app design is a critical investment in strategic thinking for your business growth and success. With a decade of experience in offering Mobile UX Design services, we help businesses create mobile usability that gives Zero Barriers to user Engagements. We drive passion in our designing efforts – creating world-class Mobile UX Design solutions which are rich, engaging and intuitive. Our design aligns with company’s objectives for business success, giving them the desired mobile presence.

Invest in us for superior User Experience

ChromeInfotech offers innovative user experience with the support of an insynced team of designers and developers who invest time in understanding the requirements and personality of every brand. Apps we develop are known to offer value to its users, apps that they learn to use in least possible time and then get hooked to them.

  • Expertise in designing experiences with interaction and visual motions
  • Experience in Adaptive Design
  • Geometric Elements and Dynamic layouts Patterns
  • Location Based Services (LBS) & Map Kit
  • Gesture Recognition – Panning, Dragging, Swipe, Tap, Zoom, Long-Press, Rotate
  • Integration of Core Analytics - Google , Flurry
  • Video & Audio Streaming
  • Database Management- SQLite, Core Data, XML/JSON, SOAP, Rest API etc.
Our UX Design Expertise
  • Omni channel UI/UX Design
  • Material Design and 3D Spacing Processes
  • Core Services Layer, Core OS Layer
  • iBeacon implementation with GPS and Navigation system
  • Streamline Channelization - Bluetooth, NFC, Air Drop, Pass Kit, iCloud
  • UIKit & Motion effects
  • Image Processing
  • All Platform, All Device UX Compatibility