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Request for Proposal
What the Client wanted
Our client wanted an application that acts as a platform for ‘Out of the Home Advertising’ concept by connecting brands with car-owners (Four wheelers). There are apps available like Wrapify and StickerRide in countries like USA and Russia respectively that are based on similar requirements. But our client wants this concept to become a reality in Jakarta, Indonesia as it has been ranked among one of the cities to have World’s Highest volume of traffic.
Drivers will cover their car with the brand’s services and will be paid for how much and where they travel.
Advertisers will decide the number of drivers they require and for how long to conduct their branding campaign in a particular area/location. These options can be managed through a web-based dashboard consisting of additional features.
How we started

We started the project by initiating the R&D work and as we moved ahead with our research of Existing Apps based on similar objectives. These two were the major questions that needed to be answered before we could start designing the app:

Challenge 1. How to ensure that the driver is using the branding car and not count the driver’s distance traveled by walk?

Solution 1. After leaving no stone unturned and discussing all possible solution, we decided to go with BEACONS. It is a high-tech tool that transmits signals, currently trending BEACONS is simple yet sophisticated IoT technology that answers this query.

There will be hidden BEACONS stickers inside the branding on the car. These stickers will send a continuous signal with its unique ID that will help in identifying the fact whether the driver is near or inside the car.

Challenge 2. How to calculate the impressions and know the total number of people that have seen the brand promotion?

Solution 2. The brands will be able to see the real-time car location and count of impressions so they can be aware how many people are seeing their brand promotion. Here, the impressions are calculated by combining the driver’s latitude and longitude with the other details from third-party providers with traffic data gathered from various sources. Basically, we factor the exact location of the specific car on a specific day and time to know the data.

Other Engineering Challenges

Challenge 3. How to enable the option for advertisers to communicate with customer support?

Solution 3. We developed a Chat Messenger using NodeJS i.e. a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JS engine, to help the Advertisers communicate via Chat with the Customer Support regarding any queries. As Node.js uses an event-driven, non-booking I/O model making it lightweight and efficient at the same time. But Sockets have been traditionally the solution by which majority of real-time Chat Messengers are architectured, further providing a bi-directional communication path between the client and a server.


Challenge 4. How to implement the Real-time Tracking option?

Solution 4. With the Driver Location being always updated on the server, the admin will be able to track the drivers with their current location on the map. This will also inform the admin whether the driven is inside the Brand Campaign Area or not. And if the driver is outside the alotted campaign area then his earning will be calculated according to that. For the Admin and Vendor Dashboard, our team developed a customized app analytics to give insights into the User Behaviour. It also allows to track them using different metrics, if required.


Challenge 5. How to identify the exact Map Areas?

Solution 5. As each and every brand will have a campaign area where they want to have their brand promotion. To represent these campaign areas as exact boundaries, a ‘polygon’ will be created on the Google Map using its drawing feature.Here, the advertisers will draw their area for a campaign on the map itself and save with their caption. These campaign areas can easily be modified by the advertiser before going live.


StickEarn is a cost-effective, fast and responsive mobile app, apart from recognizing the significance of this opportunity. ChromeInfotech has successfully leveraged the technology of an already existing app concept with its highly-customized and client-centric solutions.

ROI (Return on Investment)

The client is satisfied with the final outcome of the project and appreciates the work done by developer team. The application is active and has been receiving the good positive response from the user-end.