enterprise mobility

MAM is a complete strategy which helps you define your app’s workflow. Mobile App Management enables enterprises to keep a tight control on security, governance and distribution of mobile apps in the enterprise. It helps create an environment that provides app-level security for any app running in and out of your organization keeps the flow of information under check and deploys apps extending to every users perfect experience – helping businesses become more productive.


Mobile Application Management

What makes mobile app management important

Enterprise mobility has now become in and out of any business looking to transform, changing dynamics of operations, IT infrastructure, Workforce and Flow of Information. And given this fact, every company is looking for implementing mobile applications to solve their business critical challenges. Millions of applications are being developed to cater these demands, and with this market growth, comes the biggest concern – How to manage all your mobile applications, the humongous data and information, the workforce distribution and more? To address all such challenges your enterprise needs Mobile Application Management.

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We help businesses secure and manage apps
  • Control on Managing Complete App Lifecycle
  • Extended Device Management Agnostics
  • Provides Multiple App Distribution Methods in an Enterprise
  • Secure Data and Information Flow
  • Extended App-Level Security
  • Application Delivery and Software licensing
  • Application configuration
  • App authorization
  • Usage tracking
  • OS-independent cryptography, Securing app-to-app data sharing
  • Easily Manage and Enforce App-Level Policies

Why invest in our Mobile Application Management Services

We are empowering enterprise Mobility with the Best-in-Breed Mobile Application Management, unleashing the app-level potentials for business growth. We help businesses to secure and manage their complete mobile application development life cycle, enabling mobility in BYOD ways. Our application management solution drives business productivity with a complete suite of security and defined workflows, helping you to manage, protect, distribute and analyze apps at all scales.

  • Extensive Support for All Major Platforms and Devices
  • Active Support for Directory/LDAP, Cloud services, Virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Per app VPN (Micro VPN)
  • Inventory tracking
  • Configuration management
  • Remote data removal
  • App-level analytics
  • On-premise deploying and licensing
Our Mobile App Management Offerings
  • Compatible Integration with Existing Business Tools
  • App containerization Delivery Enterprise Level Security
  • Whitelisting/blacklisting
  • Version management
  • User and group access control
  • Remote app removal
  • App performance monitoring
  • Manage and enforce App level Policies