We don’t just build apps, But manifest an


for our clients.

We don’t just acquire clients and projects But


in a way never done before.


Money is something which you have in abundance but
don’t want to deal with the MNC mess?

Well certainly you are at the right place.
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Man Year
ChromeInfotech Inception Year

Since then we have come a long way in building Life-Changing Mobility Solutions
and by-the-way they are globally recognized apps!

Shishir Dubey Shishir Dubey
About The Founder
Shishir Dubey, Founder & CEO

Holds more than a decade of experience in IT and Digital Marketing. Shishir holds more than 12 years of experience in the IT industry.

He started ChromeInfotech with the sole purpose of Building Revolutionary and Exclusive Mobile Apps that had the potential to change the way people live.

Shishir doesn’t just build apps,

Believer of the fact that -
MOBILE APPS ARE HERE TO STAY for long and impact our lives in the most unimaginable way.

He leads a team of 50+ people at ChromeInfotech and since 2010 has built globally recognized mobility solutions.

Now he has also step foot into Digital Marketing from the past couple of years and assist existing and emerging entrepreneurs in creating valuable mobility based businesses.

His key USP is assisting existing businesses with
expansion prospects through mobile apps.
“Mobile apps are like wizards that have powers to transform existing businesses to a whole new level.” – says Shishir

Shishir, right from DAY 1, has not just built a Mobility Solutions Company.
He has built a valuable entity which clients prefer associating with
due to the tag of -


Being a CEO, Shishir still personally remains involved with each and every aspect of an app development project.

The main reason 62% of our clients end up continuing business with us is because of the expertise Shishir along with his team brings to the table that solves complex real world issues in the most explicit way you can think of.

If you have a big vision that can transform the way people live, it would be an honour for me to help you in creating something whose impact can be felt for years to come.
Together we will Re-think future!
Together we will Re-Shape it! – says Shishir

An expert in creating an optimized and effective mobile app architecture, Shishir has laid the
foundation of a plethora of globally recognized and acknowledged apps.

“App architecture is the skeleton of an app.
User experience is its soul.”

His another personal Venture PRICEMAP attained a significant amount of funding from top
investors – only because he designed its entire architecture and concrete foundation.

“PriceMap want to converge the online and offline shopping seamlessly. Consumers should just be able to Google for what they want and get themselves the deals from local stores and online stores & make the best choice!”

In 2018 ShopX acquired PRICEMAP.
  • Because he created something of long lasting value which could impact the lives of a lot of people.
  • Shishir’s PRICEMAP resonated with SHOPX at some level and ended up becoming more valuable than initially thought of.
  • His vision of make lives easier seemed a near reality with PRICEMAP. That fuelled the exponential success of his personal venture.
“SHOPX is a young and fast growing team that is successfully building a new $50B e-commerce model for India and beyond. It aims to provide game-changing retail solutions and services.”
“We understand that every relation manifest on TRUST.
It’s not just a word but a responsibility.”

Our clients and associates trust us and that’s the reason they repeat business with us. That’s the reason
they come to ChromeInfotech for their solutions to complex real world problems. We at ChromeInfotech
live up to that expectation and deliver a
NEVER-EXPERIENCED-BEFORE Mobile Based Digital Experience.

Are you the next in line who wants to create a market hit mobile app and
deliver a never experienced before experience toyour users?

If YES, you are at the right place then.
Meet The Backbone

We’re led by a team who constantly questions, tinkers, and challenges
to unlock great creativity around every turn.

Bamidelle Ojo
Bamidelle Ojo
Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Bamidelle Ojo is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) at ChromeInfo Technologies.

He holds8 years of experience in the business operations domain that helps ChromeInfotech grow year by year.

He/she looks after the entire organisation’s operations and procedures. Apart from that he specialises in keeping a sharp eye on majorly the Sales and Marketing domain of the USA region.

He takes care of diverse business operations and is a well-recognised leader of the company’s senior management.


  • Drafting and implementing effective and actionable short-term as well as long term business strategies, procedures and plans for consistent company growth.
  • Overseeing strategic planning, business development of the company, and all the daily company operations including major domains like sales, marketing, etc., and implementing better business practices.
  • Set the desired comprehensive list of goals for company’s performance and growth year by year in a positive direction.
  • Participate in business expansion activities and getting major clients on board for developing tech led business solutions.
  • Collaborate with the CEO and, set and drive the organisational vision through operational strategies.
  • Identify operational areas that needs enhancements and cure those loopholes.
  • Build and maintain Key customer relations along with other stakeholders also for increase in business repetition rate.
  • Acts as a liaison between the company and the clients for quality assurance.
  • Other Aspects Well Taken Care of by The COO:

  • Evaluate newly designed sales and marketing plans and execute them.
  • Track employee productivity and complete performance reviews so that everyone stays align with the company goals and vision.
  • Analyse and interpret data and metrics regarding major areas like sales, marketing and business development and create strategies and reports for the management.
  • Ensure effective recruiting of employees, getting them on-board and developing their professional competence, tracking their performance and retaining them for long.
  • Delegating responsibilities so that staff grows and become capable participants.
  • Access and implement improved and new technologies and processes.

With years of experience in this domain, Mr. Bamidelle Ojo takes care of all the company’s operations needs and requirements to achieve set goals and objectives.

Neha Dubey
Neha Dubey
Program Manager

Holds a decade of experience in Software Quality Assurance.

  • Worked 8 years at Oracle as a Quality Assurance Analyst.
  • Started the journey of her career with BrickRed Technologies as a QA and Testing LEAD.
  • Leads the ChromeInfotech QA Team with sheer passion and vision to build HIGH QUALITY and RELIABLE MOBILE APPS.

In addition to that, Neha also takes care of the entire project delivery also. She makes sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to delivering high quality mobile apps.

Neha takes care of the app quality assurance domain at ChromeInfotech.

She ensures that whichever app leaves the company for market is bug free and doesn’t have any exploitable loopholes.

With her years of experience in quality assurance and testing, Neha is leveraging her expertise to build user-reliableapps that have high-impact value.

Nidhi Singh
Nidhi Singh
Business Development Manager

Holds 8 Years of experience in client interaction, lead closure, and business strategy development and client relationship management.

  • Specialities: Custom mobility solutions, enterprise solutions, sales and business development, proposal writing and market research.
  • Started her career journey with NPCIL and has been with ChromeInfotech for almost 8 years.
  • Leads the ChromeInfotech Business development team with a vision of building an entity of VALUE and RELIABILITY.

Nidhi leads is in charge of the business development team that aims to grow and evolve ChromeInfotech year by year.

She has tremendous amount of experience under her belt for delivering her expertise in closing deals and projects. Client Negotiation is her key and she nails it every single time.

Saloni Sharma
Saloni Sharma
Business Partner and RM

Experienced and result-oriented professional having more than 7 years of experience in the IT industry.

  • Specialities: Human Resource Management, dealing with hiring aspects, Relationship Management, HR policies, Performance Management, learning and development.
  • Started her career with GENPACT.
  • Manages the ChromeInfotech team for maximizing efficiency and results.

Saloni is responsible for managing the entire team of ChromeInfotech.

She deals with complete management of each and every aspect related to employee growth and development as well as company growth and development.

Takes care of new relationships to prosper them into long lasting associations.


We at ChromeInfotech ensures that your data stays safe and secure.
DATA SECURITY is something that we never compromise on.

Without DATA there is no mobile apps. And without MOBILE APPS
there is no ONLINE BUSINESS. We have our own set of SECURITY
that we use to ensure that the data of our clients stay
safe and secure.


We also help you to PROTECT YOUR IP from external and
unauthorised threats and access.

Maintaining the INTEGRITY of a mobile app based business is all
about maintaining the safety and security of the mobile app.

At ChromeInfotech, we take it seriously and Ensure CLIENT SATISFACTION
and ASSURANCE 24/7.