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How it all started

In the year 2010, ChromeInfotech was founded with the motive of delivering excellence through its Mobile and Web Application Development Services to clients worldwide. Within a span of three years, ChromeInfotech became a renowned name in the IT industry by delivering over 100 successful apps.

Till date, our team of quirky Designers, superstar Developers, proactive Quality Engineers and charismatic Business Developers together has made ChromeInfotech what it is today! We are known for our flawless work that represents the unique reflection of each client in their project.

With clients around the globe, our brand holds a global presence that has satisfied thousands of clients and helped millions of users in their day-to- day activities.

Why we are the best

We make efficient mobile and web applications that are loved by our client’s target audience and get featured in App Stores. These three are ChromeInfotech’s core values that we follow by heart:

Featured Apps

With a combination of Eccentric Designs & Innovative Features, we provide such apps to App Stores that are being loved by the customers.

Lovable Apps

We just don’t create apps solely based on the client’s vision but we go in-depth when it comes to evaluating the end-users perspective.

Future proof apps

In order to be fully efficient one has to move ahead hand-in- hand with the latest & trending technologies, software and tools as well.

Who founded ChromeInfotech

Shishir Dubey

Founder & CEO

Shishir Dubey, CEO of ChromeInfotech is the man who founded the company by himself in the year 2010. According to him, true Engineers are those who sync technology with creativity and give meaning to IT Solutions.


We believe that each and every individual holds a designated place in the formation of the team. Without a single member, the team losses it’s capable strength.


What are you waiting for? Come join the team and be a part of ChromeInfotech’s culture.


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