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Our deep expertise in mobile technologies blended with best-in-class product lifecycle management; make us one of the most preferred technology partners across the globe.
Our accredited Quality Assurance & Delivery & processes ensure that we meet our clients’ expectation in terms of time, budget & quality
We have a broad portfolio of services, spanning mobile applications on all vibrant platforms like iOS, Android, HTML5 - empowering several enterprises globally

App Promotions

We make your app discoverable

There’s no denying it -Mobile Apps have become most significant revenue channel for businesses – with every brand trying to harness it. Just to show the facts – the number of apps in the Apple app store crossed 1.5 million this year, indicating that your app is not alone in the market – there are millions in the competition. How will your App stand out from the crowd – so that people can find it and use it, again and again? Getting your app noticed in the market and grab user’s attention towards it has become vital for brands to breathe. Today, just creating a great app isn’t enough to succeed in the marketplace – it requires something bigger – a striking app marketing strategy.

Simple but smart DESIGN First Impression is everything. We create visual magic by blending colours

We make your App Reach Users Devices

Differentiating your app from the crowd – is App Discovery, and is one vital factor making your app succeed. To get downloaded and make it to the users fingertips, an app have to be noticed first – somehow has to grab the users’ attention. So all this app marketing overhaul is about capturing the much needed attention – and moreover keeping the excitement alive. First you have to let your users know you and then don’t leave you – that’s the strategy. ChromeInfotech stands on a profound expertise in Angular JS Development. We deploy innovation to present latest techno-products to meet global demands of our clients.
We Shorten You App-Discovery Phase Chrome Infotech believes in creating full-proof app marketing strategies and execution. We help our clients ensure that their app makes it to the cut, getting discovered fast and downloaded. We keep the App spark ignited – optimizing revenues and enhancing the application positioning in the market. Our dedicated team of strategists and marketers takes your app to the top of the buzz – helping your ideas succeed and monetize. We have a passion for innovative ideas, and this makes us the most preferred choice of enterprises across the globe.

App Promotion - Driving Value and Revenue

Over a million of Applications are in the app-store, and what’s important is - to cut through this noise and get your app discovered and downloaded. As competition grows, you have to make sure that your app does not falter – and for this you have to strategize its marketing& promotion much before its launch. Just pushing the app into app-store, and waiting for users to find it is not enough; you have to let them know that “it’s here”. And this can be done only by an effective and relevant App Marketing Strategy.

  • Market Research
  • Feedback loop to support beta testing
  • Measuring KPIs
  • Focus on user engagement
Our App Marketing Strategy
  • App Store Optimization
  • Support and maintenance after launch
  • Social Call to Action
  • Strategically timed push notification