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We at ChromeInfotech are known for our Market Competence at a global level. This is due to our rich expertise in the field of App Development, making us reliable for clients globally.
One of the main objectives of ChromeInfotech is to deliver quality-driven results to clients worldwide. Our team exceeds the client's expectations in terms of Delivery processes and Quality Assurance.
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App Promotions

We make your app discoverable

When an app is created one of the main issues faced is 'How to reach the target audience?' i.e. App Promotion. It is important to follow a strategy for promoting the application whether web or mobile. Every week hundreds of apps are launched in Google Play and iTunes store making it difficult for the app to survive among already existing ones. Apps help the brand to maximize the online presence basically spreading the word about the organization's products and service. App Promotions is a MUST because you just don't want your app to survive but to flourish also.

Simple Yet Smart DESIGN As first impression is everything so we create visual magic by blending colors

We make your App Reach Users Devices

The User Experience acts as a base foundation when it comes to making your app stand out from the rest. The target audience will be the majority of end-users who will be downloading the app to avail its services. Users prefer something that is not too complex to understand and delivers an effective outcome. In order to grab the user's attention, the app promotional activities should have visual appeal. The success of an application does not depend on the number of downloads but from the impact, they made in the user's life. ChromeInfotech stands on a profound expertise in Angular JS Development. We deploy innovation to present latest techno-products to meet global demands of our clients.
We Shorten You App-Discovery Phase Chrome Infotech believes in creating a flawless step-by-step plan ahead of the procedure. This allows us to move forward with a certainty of the outcome of the future state. App Promotion strategies when applied makes it easier for the app to be discovered by the end-users. And if the application is related to the user's perspective it will be further used by the targeted audience. Our teams at ChromeInfotech prefer long-term approached instead of short-term approaches that are the key to gain as well as retain users.

App Promotion - Driving Value and Revenue

Over a million of Applications are in the app-store, and what’s important is - to cut through this noise and get your app discovered and downloaded. As competition grows, you have to make sure that your app does not falter – and for this you have to strategize its marketing& promotion much before its launch. Just pushing the app into app-store, and waiting for users to find it is not enough; you have to let them know that “it’s here”. And this can be done only by an effective and relevant App Marketing Strategy.

  • Market Research
  • Feedback loop to support beta testing
  • Measuring KPIs
  • Focus on user engagement
Our App Marketing Strategy
  • App Store Optimization
  • Support and maintenance after launch
  • Social Call to Action
  • Strategically timed push notification