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About Client

Our Client of this particular Project is an Agriculturist belonging to the U.S who is involved in Farming and Agriculture as the line of Business. Our Client owns vast acres of farming land, Pastures, and Livestock, especially Several herds of Cattle.

Earlier, Our Client was making use of Man Power and pen & paper methods along with Excel files to Manage and keep track of the Cattle. But With an expansion of business and an increase in Cattle count, managing them was becoming difficult for Our Client.

Increasing Man Power was not a viable option as it would require more funds. Thus, leading to a decrease in overall Productivity and Revenues.

Cattle Tracking
Client Idea and Requirements

The Solution that Our Client came up to overcome this problem was to take benefit of Digitization. People all over the world are using Digital Solutions to leverage their lives as well as Businesses.

So Our Client came up with the idea to build a Cattle Tracking and Management Software System that would automate and simplify day-to-day farming tasks.

The vision was to build a complete multifunctional Software using which Our Client can efficiently:
  • Track cattle location
  • Monitor overall Cattle health
  • Track reproduction activity
  • Record Grazing and other activity levels
  • Track and boost Milk production
And many
Another essential requirement was- Compliance with the regulatory standards set by organizations such as:
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP)

With such ideas in the pocket, Our Client approached ChromeInfotech. Our first course of action was to conduct Proof of Concept and only after that go forward with the process to help transform the idea into a full-fledged Software.

Features We implemented in this
Cattle Tracking Software
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
GPS Navigation to
find cattle

We incorporated the Application with Google Map API to provide navigations to the location of any Cattle.

So if any Cow is lost or ill, Our Client can retrieve it by using the Application to get directions to the Cattle’s location.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Cattle position Monitoring
(Geo-fence technology)

Another necessary functionality that We implemented is Geo-fencing. With this, Our Client has the facility to keep an eye on the location and whereabouts of all the cattle.

And if a cow crosses over the Geo-fence, Our client immediately receives a push-notification and SMS containing the cow’s ID number along with its location.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Automated Herd
Counting Functionality

The software system was fitted with a feature that automatically counts the herd after particular intervals of time.

In case of any missing cattle, push notification and SMS is sent to the Client containing the missing cattle’s ID.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Cattle management and
Recordkeeping panel

This panel helps the Client to effectively manage all the Cattle by providing displaying essential information about every Cow all at one place.

This information includes:

  • Total headcount of Cattle
  • Cattle ID
  • Age
  • Health issues
  • Cattle that are Grazing and moving
  • Cattle that are not moving
  • Cows that are Pregnant

And so on

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Cattle Health
Monitoring Panel

With this feature, Our Client can monitor the health of the Cattle through information provided by various sensors.

This information includes:

  • Non-movement of cattle which indicates sick cows
  • Slow Walking pace (slow pace means health issues)
  • Unusual Grazing behavior
  • Cows in-heat
  • Pregnant cows and gestation status
  • Cows that gave birth/Lactating cows
  • Live births of Calves

In case of any unusual activity indicating health issues, automatic alerts are sent to the Owner’s Application.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Instant notification for Cattle Theft or hostile situation

If the system detects an attempt to steal a cow or attack by cutting or removing the collar, Then An SMS and push notification is sent to the Client along with the location of the event.

Challenges We Encountered and
Resolved during the Project
Challenge 1:
Our Client was not technology driven and was unaccustomed to using Digital Solutions for farming

Our Client had considerable Manpower and was used to carrying out everyday farming and management tasks using traditional methods such as excel sheets. So Our Client was not sure How exactly a digital Solution will benefit him or Whether it is going to help at all.

Here, Our Challenge was to assure Our Client and provide proof that a Cattle Management Software will indeed help to simplify and ease all the Work. Hence, leading to increased productivity.

Our Solution:

As mentioned before, the first step that We undertook was to conduct Proof of Concept.

By doing this, We were able to provide proof and assurance to Our Client that:

The Idea is Practically viable and holds the potential to function and help the business as envisioned.

Now the next step to reassure Our Client regarding the development of this software was to build an MVP. So We build an MVP for both Mobile and the Web. And after getting to see and experience a glimpse of How the actual Product will turn Out as,

Our Client was now 100% convinced about developing this Solution for His farming Business. This phase alone took up 2 months. After that, ChromeInfotech's team along with Our Client's in-house technical team adopted Agile Methodology to build a full-fledged Application for Mobile as well as the Web.

Challenge 2:
Adhering to the Norms and Standards of various Regulatory Organizations.

Developing agriculture and farming related Software System meant that We had to stick to the regulations set by: strictly

  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP)

But Since this was One of Our first agriculture-based Project, It was a challenge for Us to build an Application that complies to all of the standards.

Our Solution:

To overcome this challenge Our team put in extra efforts to research and make themselves aware of these regularizations. Our Client also played an important role here who verified and guided us throughout the process. Also, Our requirements gathering team personally went to the U.S. to assemble correct and precise information regarding these regularizations.

Challenge 3:
Establishing correct Geo-fencing perimeter for Our Client’s land and pastures

Geo-fencing is one of the techniques that We implemented to make sure that the Cattle doesn’t move out far away. But the issue was that the pastures of Our Client did not have a straight or even a proper boundary line, which made it difficult to set a definite geo-fencing perimeter.

Our Solution:

Our skilled developers with their expertise made appropriate use of Google Map APIs and Geo- Fencing APIs to set a virtual perimeter. So whenever any cow wearing a collar containing RFID crosses the Geo-fencing perimeter, Our Client gets notified with an SMS.

Challenge 4:
Coordinating with Our Client for Testing the Software

We at ChromeInfotech hold testing as one of the crucial phases of development. But in this Project, the issue was that the land areas that We were conducting testing were far smaller than Our Client’s fields and pastures. So it was necessary to coordinate With Our Client’s team for testing Out the Software. But the massive difference in time-zones between ChromeInfotech’s and Our Client’s working hours was making testing a challenge for Us.

Our Solution:

Our team is proficient in both automated as well as manual testing and strategically implemented them for the same. And This made it a lot more convenient and efficient to test along with Our Client’s technical team. After several rounds of testing, We were successfully able to determine whether the applied logics were accurate or not.

Cattle Tracking
Final Outcome

This was a High-end Project requiring the implementation of emerging techniques and technologies. But with Our passion and dedication to deliver the best quality Software products, We successfully developed and deployed a full-fledged Solution for Mobile as well as the Web.

Also, Our Client is highly enlightened and satisfied with the Product that We delivered. We are glad to say that We built a Software that is helping enrich Our Client’s Farming Business. Our Client claims that using this Software has lead to a significant increase in Business Productivity. Most of the tasks that earlier had to be done manually are now automated with just a tap on the screen. This also allowed Our Client to cut down on Manpower and hence save up funds. Also, Managing Health and Tracking reproduction cycles of Cattle have become far more efficient. So all in all,

ChromeInfotech transformed a doubtful and uncertain App Idea into a complete Software that is adding value to Our Client’s Business and life as envisioned. And this is What makes this Project a Success for Us.

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