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Food Delivery

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Food Delivery

Our Client, a team of 4 associate partners, belongs to Mexico. All of them are Entrepreneurs, and they collectively own and run many restaurants as their Business Ventures.

To advertise their restaurants and boost sales, they were making use of Third-party online platforms like UberEats. Through UberEats- an online food Delivery Application, they were able to serve their restaurant Menus even to the users seated at Home.

Food Delivery
Client Vision and Ideation

After associating with UberEats for many years, Our Client was struck by an idea. The idea was to build their very own Online Food ordering and delivery platform. The vision was to build a Food delivery Platform similar to UberEats which caters to their Chain of Restaurants.

But Later, Our Client expanded his vision into developing a Platform that administers to other restaurants in addition to theirs. The idea was to implement some extraordinary features to overcome the limitations that they had to face while using UberEats. One such issue was: The inability of users to place multiple orders at the same time.

Also, Our Client wanted their very own delivery persons to transport and handover orders to the Customers. It was in this instance when Our Client approached Us at ChromeInfotech. They associated with ChromeInfotech and relied on Us to shape up a customized online food delivery Platform encasing all their needs and requirements.

Challenges We encountered During
the Project and How We Overcame them
Challenge 1: Measuring up to the standards of UberEats

UberEats is a highly admired and popular Platform for online food delivery. Our first challenge was to create a software product that can level up to the standards of UberEats and provide similar user satisfaction.

Our Solution:

ChromeInfotech came up with new and better features to make this software outstanding. We also put our efforts into coming up with unique UI designs. Our UI and UX designers worked hard into creating one-of-a-kind and attractive UI designs. Credit also goes to Our Business analyst and Testing team for constantly coordinating with Our Client throughout the development Process. All these efforts resulted in a satisfactory software system that turned out to be on a level similar to that of UberEats.

Challenge 2: Providing Scalability and Stability

Our client was planning to expand his line of work and open up 10 more restaurants within a couple of months. And this raised the concern of Scalability in Our Client's mind. So they asked for a software that is not only robust but which can also hold its stability in the case of increased Workload.

Our Solution:

To ensure the Scalability of the Software, ChromeInfotech strategically designed the software architecture. We implemented the MVC architecture in addition to the 3 tier architecture. We reviewed and revised the architecture design multiple times to make sure that it fits in with Our Client’s requirement of a Scalable software.

Challenge 3: Establishing Security of the software and data

At ChromeInfotech implementing security measures to a digital solution is not just another option but a fundamental necessity. We know How important Data is for every Business. And We take it as Our responsibility to make sure that any software solution is secure and free of vulnerabilities or risks.

Our Solution:

ChromeInfotech came up with different strategies and enforced powerful security features like:

  • Encryption Algorithms- MD5 and Salt
  • File Transfer Protocols
  • Encryption of Data
Challenge 4: Resolving the issue of unpaid Cash On Delivery Orders

One of the significant concerns of Our Client was regarding the matter of unpaid COD orders. There have been many instances faced by Our Client where customers refused to pay or did not pay for the COD deliveries.

Our Solution:

We brainstormed different ideas and finally came up with a solution to the above problem. We implemented a feature that restricts a user from placing the 3rd order until and unless he/she has cleared the first 2 payments.

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Special Features Developed to make this
Food Delivery Platform unique

First of all, ChromeInfotech developed 3 major subversions of the leading software:

Different features were developed for the 3 different versions.

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Food Delivery Food Delivery
Final Outcome

As a result of all the features and efforts that we put into this project, the final product turned out to be phenomenal, meeting the needs and expectations of Our Client. Because of Our excellent services and work ethics, We were able to bag numerous Clientele references from our current association with the Client of this Project. Also at the end of this project, we built up a long-lasting business relationship and prospects of more successful future associations with Our Client.

Food Delivery Food Delivery Food Delivery Food Delivery
Food Delivery Food Delivery Food Delivery
Food Delivery
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