A 5 year long project that ended up winning
accolades in various American schools.

School Friendzy


School Friendzy

Type of Work

Design & Development


iOS, Android & Website

School Friendzy is an innovative and out-of-the box Digital Educational Platform with an aim of bringing the fun and excitement back to Learning. It captivates the attention of students by introducing collaborative and interactive features of Social Networking and Gaming into Education.

School Friendzy

Highlights about the projects.

School Friendzy

About Client.

School Friendzy

Client’s vision and ideation.

School Friendzy

Project timeline

School Friendzy

Challenges and How We managed.

School Friendzy

Special features of the digital learning platform.

School Friendzy

Impact on the educational front.

School Friendzy

Final Product and Outcome.

Highlights of the School Friendzy Project
which made it a sensational Hit in the Market!
School Friendzy
About Client

Hailing from one of the most technologically progressive Country, Our Client from U.S., San Diego always had an aspiration to reap the astonishing benefits that technology has to offer and adopt it to leverage the educational system all over the Globe!

And Hence the idea of “School Friendzy” initially named as “Math Friendzy” came into existence.

Our Client, An acclaimed publisher and author of books with more than 4.5 million sold copies was not new to the world of Software Development.

In the past, He already had associated with diverse development projects and is a proud owner of several successful software solutions.

Client’s vision and ideation

It was around the year of 2013, that our Client started to envision a digital educational platform that would greatly help students to learn and grow their knowledge curve.

What made Our Client’s idea one-of-a-kind was the perception to make learning a fun experience.

It started out as a basic and simple idea: To shape up a digital learning platform that encompasses creative and interactive ways for students to easily grasp and understand the concepts of Mathematics.

Some of the initial ideas put forward by our Client was:

  • Incorporating small games as a learning medium
  • Increasing student interactions by employing multiplayer learning games such as additions, multiplications, subtractions and so on.
  • Granting rewards as a way to motivate and appreciate the student

But the final product manifolded into an intricate, multi-featured and an all-roundeddigital learning tool that ended up winning various awards and accolades for revolutionizing the way of learning as well as teaching.

School Friendzy
Project Timeline

Initially,the estimated timeline for completion of the project was 4 months. But Surprisingly, ChromeInfotech remained associated with the project for 5 years! This huge gap was because of the fact that the idea our client provided us with was still in its infancy stage and needed to more building up before starting with the development process.

Right from validating the idea and creating the MVP to building a full fledged App, ChromeInfotech was there with every step of the process. And as time passed We anticipated that Our Client’s idea and vision could be built up to have a much greater scope and potential than estimated before. ChromeInfotech works around the Mantra “The best or nothing at all”

So in order to generate the best product out of this project, new and better features were tried and tested which could elevate the educational platform significantly. The project initially started with a single developer but ended up with a team of proficient and specialized developers working together to deliver a trendsetting to Our Client.

In the first place, the platform was only subjected to help students. But with time, it extended its horizons to aid Teachers and the teaching process as well.

Challenges ChromeInfotech Faced and Resolved
throughout the Development Process

Being a large scale project, We faced numerous challenges from time-to-time. But with full determination and a commitment
to deliver the finest product to our Client, We managed to successfully overcome all the challenges that came in our way.

Challenge 1: Achieving Scalability

Initially, this was a small project and was not expected to turn out into a gigantic one. But with time more and more features were included into the Platform which raised the matter of scalability. With increased scope and features, We needed an intricate system that Fis more scalable and can handle such expansion efficiently.

Our Solution:

Molding the architecture of the Application to support scalability and STRATEGIC use of multiple technologies such as:

  • Network- Erlang
  • Database- RDS
  • Back-end-Python
  • API- PHP, Node.js
Challenge 2: Establishing multi-device and multi-platform support

Originally, Our Client’s requirement for the Application was restricted to only iPhone and Android. But Later, looking at it’s huge scope and future prospects it was decided that the Application should conform to all platforms. This was an unplanned decision and could have resulted result in further extension of the timeline.

Our Solution:

ChromeInfotech designed the Application and codes in such a way that it exhibits a responsive UI and the codes can be easily Tweaked to accomodate any platform or device.

Challenge 3: Providing Frequent updates to Our Client

At some point of the Project, Our Client was in the hunt for potential investors. This required us to provide updated working models of the Application on a weekly basis so that Our Client can display and present it to the investors.

Our Solution:

To efficiently manage and handle this situation, ChromeInfotech adopted the approach of :

  • Agile Methodology
  • Version Control
Challenge 4: Procuring a robust system for Real time communication- Chatting and Drawing

A major feature of this digital learning platform is collaborative and interactive learning. So, itt was pretty obvious that we needed to develop a robust system that could handle multiple and parallel communications.

Our Solution:

Our first attempt was to use the technologies PHP+Node.js. Unfortunately it turned out to be futile during Load testing. On our second attempt we decided to use technologies used by whatsapp such as - “Erlang” However, this was itself a challenge for Us. This technology was new and different to what ChromeInfotech was accustomed to. But after putting in extra labor and efforts, We emerged out to be successful.

Challenge 5: Establishing security of personal Data

It was apparent from the beginning that Data Security has to be one of the prime aspects of this Application. This is because the digital educational platform is supposed to hold personal data of students as well as teachers.

Our Solution:

ChromeInfotech came forward with a strategic plan to use authoritative and commendable security features like:

  • Encryption Algorithms- MD5 and salt
  • File Transfer Protocols
Challenge 6: 24X7 support and assistance post launch

Such a massive and multi-faceted Application requires constant support and back up after it has been made live in the market. This was important to make sure that Our Client’s Application was working fine and resolve any issues if required.

Our Solution:

ChromeInfotech planned out a strategy which included:

  • Schedule for Teams to work in shifts
  • Constant and convenient communication using various tools
  • Drafting out a Mechanism that respond to issues within just 2 hours
  • Deploying short term solutions
Challenge 7: Acknowledging Our Client’s demand for frequent changes.

ChromeInfotech values and respects the requirements of every Client. So when the Client of this project frequently came up with various alterations, We were determined to manage and fulfill each and every demand of his.

Our Solution:

ChromeInfotech first sorted out the priorities of the Project and worked in sync with that. We categorized the tasks according to time and execute the ones requiring less time first.

  • Network- Erlang
  • Database- RDS
  • Back-end-Python
  • API- PHP, Node.js
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    Customized features developed to
    make this project a success

    Features were tailored to accommodate the necessities of both students as well as teachers.

    Special Features administered for students welfare

    1) Collaborative Learning Platform

    ChromeInfotech developed a feature which supports “Learn together to learn more”.

    • A student not able to solve a mathematical problem can access and also rate how classmates are solving a problem.
    • Rating motivates students to better explain the solution.
    • The system awards partial credit to students who view the solutions provided by their classmates

    2) Online Study Groups

    ChromeInfotech built this feature to bring the concept of study groups to a digital Platform.

    • This feature permits students to create their own study group or join other group.
    • Doing so can help students to discuss and solve complex problems with real time communications.

    3) Competitive Learning Challenges

    Games are fun for students and Healthy Competition can bring out the best in a person. ChromeInfotech collaborated these two aspects and emerged out with the feature of Mathematical Games!

    • The feature allows students to challenge other students from different parts of the world to solve mathematical problems.
    • This makes practicing and learning Maths a fun experience.
    • Winners earn coins and awards, keeping them indulged for hours.

    4) Free of cost peer-to-peer tutoring

    To help students understand or solve a problem, ChromeInfotech came up with a feature that would allow students to get help from an online tutor.

    • The students can ask for help from either anonymous school tutors or by the tutor’s username.
    • The tutors receive notifications and can help multiple students at a time.
    • This feature allows the tutor and the student to discuss the problem through text or writings.
    • To prevent any kind of discrepancies, teachers have full access to the conversations between a student and the tutor.
    • Tutors are registered into the system and can be any older students from same school or different school/college or any member of the community.
    • Tutors earn rewards as service hours or community service.

    5) Multilingual support

    ChromeInfotech developed this educational platform to support two languages: English and Spanish.

    • Tapping on the world icon will convert the page from English to Spanish and vice-versa.
    • Rating motivates students to better explain the solution.
    • Students can select on the sound icon to hear the question out loud.
    Special Features administered to increase Teachers’

    1) Personalized Assignments

    This feature is catered to the teachers to create their own personalized assignments They can also tailor make assignments based on a student’s performance and understanding.

    • Teachers can put together questions from the database of thousands of practice skills or from their own textbooks.
    • Using this feature teachers can create answer sheets using which the system grades each assignment and provides feedbacks.
    • Teachers have access to the answers of each student and whether they acquired the help of any tutor or classmate.
    • Teachers get a report stating the grades of each student.
    • They can access the report and filter the students according to their grades and provide them with remedial assignments.

    2) Instant review and feedback on Student’s work

    This feature enables Teachers to review and give instant feedback on the solutions provided by the students.

    • Teachers can even provide suggestions to the students, if required.
    A digital platform that had a Huge impact
    in the Educational domain

    The years of work and effort were paid off when the platform achieved Global recognition. It bagged various awards and got featured in a prestigious Technology Seminar organized in Las Vegas, U.S. ChromeInfotech helped to deliver a product that is adding significant value to their lives. The various schools and educational institutions that adopted the the software solution is a testimony for its success.

    In Fact, an institution actually named one of their sessions after the App. After receiving such large scale adoptions from schools, the digital education platform got renamed as “School Friendzy” from “Math Friendzy”. Various versions of it were developed so that the educational tool is accessible from any device and platform such as iPhone, Android, Desktop, Web, iPad.

    The Finished Output

    Although a lot of hard work and effort went into developing this digital learning platform, it was all
    worth it when the Application received a whopping amount of acceptance from various schools and users.
    “School Friendzy” has extended into such heights that presently it boasts of almost 16+ million learning resources.

    Have a look at this video and see for yourself How the final product turned out.
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