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AboutClient & Client’s Vision

The Client of this project belongs to the U.S.A. Our Client was employed in the leading Transportation network company, Uber. After being a part of this Company for several years, Our Client came up with the idea of Building customized transportation based Software similar to that of Uber.

The idea was to build an on-demand cab service providing platform, using which Users can quickly and efficiently book rides online.

This was when Our Client Approached ChromeInfotech. Looking at Our past experiences of working with similar successful Projects, Our Client associated with Us and trusted Us to build an all-inclusive customized and quality driven on-demand Cab Riding Software.

About Client
FeaturesWe implemented in this Software
We built 3 different panels as
per Our Client’s requirement:

• Instantaneous and Scheduled cab booking

With this feature, Users can either book a cab at the very moment or pre-book a cab scheduled for later.

• Real-time Vehicle tracking facility(GPS)

Once done with booking, Users can track the location of the vehicle/driver on Maps using this facility.

• Automated fare calculation and e-receipts

This feature facilitates the automated calculation of fares to ensure accuracy and convenience of the Users. The Users also receive an e-receipt once payment is completed.

• Online payment facility

This software is incorporated with safe and secure payment gateways that allow Users to pay through online transfers.

• Real-time status updates

Users are updated through emails and messages regarding the status of their instantaneous as well as scheduled bookings.

• Driver and vehicle detail Notification

As soon as Users book a cab, they receive notifications mentioning the details of the assigned driver and vehicle such as Driver’s name, phone number, Vehicle number and so on.

• Driver Feedback and rating Tab

With this tab, Users can rate the drivers and also provide feedbacks after completion of the ride.

• Vehicle selection as per requirement

With this facility, Users have the freedom to select the type of Vehicle as per their needs and requirements.

• Booking History

Users can track and keep a record of their previous bookings through this feature.

• Customer location tracking facility(GPS)

Using this facility, Drivers can view the exact location of the Customer. This saves a lot of their time.

• Income report tab

Drivers have the facility to keep track of their earnings. It provides them a complete report of their income on weekly, daily as well as monthly basis.

• Trip route navigation viewing

Once the driver reaches the location of the customer, He/she can navigate the route to the customer's destination.

• Notification alert for new bookings

The driver receives a push notification instantaneously when a ride or customer is assigned to him.

• Trip history and management

This feature facilitates a driver to keep a record of his earlier as well as recent trips. The driver also has the facility to manage his ongoing trips.

• Customer rating tab

Once the trip is completed, the driver can use this tab to rate and provide feedback on the customer.

• Automated fare calculation

On completion of a ride, the total fare gets calculated automatically without the driver having to handle the payment calculations manually.

• Customer Support Management

This feature facilitates the management of all the queries, complaints and feedback received from the users/customers.

• User Management

The admin/ company owner can manage the accounts and details of already existing users or add new users.

• Driver Management

This feature is used to manage active drivers, track their accounts and earnings, and also register new drivers.

• Vehicle Management

Using this feature, one can track vehicles that are registered and currently active and also sign-up new vehicles into the fleet.

• Billing & Invoicing Management

This feature helps to keep track of all the transactions made including paid as well as pending invoices.

• Ride/booking management

This feature facilitates the admin/business owner to monitor on-going rides and new booking requests.

ChallengesWe encountered and resolved during the Project
Challenge 1: Precise and Correct real-time vehicle location on Navigation Map

One of the major concerns of our Client was establishing correct placement and direction of the vehicles as well as their locations on the Map.

Our Solution:

Our past experiences helped Us to overcome this Challenge. Since the past 3 to 4 years, We have associated with a number of similar Projects. And Hence, Our team holds expertise in working with Google Maps Platform and in handling such problems.

Challenge 2: Measuring up to the standards of Popular Apps like Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are top-rated cab-riding Apps and right now have a monopoly in the Market. So Our challenge was to create a Software product that can level up to the quality and performance of these popular Apps and also provide a superior User Satisfaction.

Our Solution:

To overcome this challenge the first step that we took was to carry out extensive Market Research. We conducted a complete Competitor Research and Analysis. This helped us to get a clear perception of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the competitor Apps. We then strategically implemented selective technologies to develop a 100%quality Software that can handle multiple requests simultaneously.

Challenge 3: Establishing a Secure and Efficient Payment channel

Another one of our challenge was to establish a payment channel that was safe and secure and, also convenient for the users as well as the drivers.

Our Solution:

Again, Our experiences of working with similar Projects came here to the rescue. We decided to implement “Stripe” to ensure safe And secure transfer of money over the internet. One of the other aspects that we adopted is “Chained Payment." With these technologies, We were able to establish a payment channel that is automatic and which doesn’t put a burden on the Users as well as the drivers.

Challenge 4: Achieving Scalability as per Business Growth

Our Client was determined to grow his business and reach out to a Large Userbase with time. Our Client's aim was to grow his fleet of Vehicles and Drivers exponentially. So We had to develop a Software that is highly Scalable and can handle increased Workload efficiently.

Our Solution:

Now We have already worked with similar projects before. So from the very first day, We were focused on the aspect of achieving Scalability. Our experienced team of Developers strategically designed the Software architecture so that it can achieve scalability as the Business Grows. We implemented a blend of technologies that can hold up the Software’s performance with increasing Workload.


After overcoming the various challenges, We successfully delivered a complete Software, (both Mobile and Web Application) to Our Client. Our Client was delighted and satisfied with not only the Software but also Our Work approaches and Our ethics.

Our Product went on to be a successful on-demand cab riding software in Indianapolis. Since its release, the software has gained a vast user base and Its fleet of vehicles, as well as drivers, is continually expanding. All in all, ChromeInfotech built an all-inclusive software similar to uber that is living up to the expectations of Users/Customers, Drivers as well as Our Client.

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