We at ChromeInfotech have full-fledged experienced software development team that has accomplished multiple unique projects in Core PHP .

Here Are Some of Those for Your Quick Reference.


Technology used:

HTML5, CSS3, PHP 7, Amazon S3, MySQL, Push notifications, RETS (Real Estate Data Provider)

Project Overview:

Our client, who was from the real estate sector wanted to create software that allowed customers to view any registered property without having a realtor by their side. So we helped them develop that real estate application using multiple technologies including IoT also.

The website was designed to monitor the complete CIWAO system that included an electronic door, security cameras with cloud-based recording capabilities, and multiple CIWAO signs to mainly help people navigate to the location across the streets. The system had multi-user login – one for the buyer and one for the seller of the property.

Features and functionalities included –
  • Managing Property
  • Requesting access to the property
  • Lead report generation
  • Managing associates as well as open houses
  • Managing properties purchased by a customer.

Video sessions and live monitoring were the key highlights of the CIWAO System.


Technology used:

AWS (Amazon Web Services), PHP 7, PayPal, Selenium, JIRA, BitBucket, Zendesk, Confluence, HTML5, CSS3, SaaS

Project Overview:

This was a SaaS web application designed to enable sales as well as marketing professionals to connect with their potential clients and customers. We designed and developed it as a flexible PHP application capable of supporting professionals across all the major industry segments and verticals.

This support engine application for sales and marketing professionals primarily created to design specific processes and workflows related to various aspects of sales and marketing of their businesses. These processes acted like co-laterals, which can then be presented to respective stakeholders like clients and customers or business associates. Apart from that, using this system, a sales or marketing professional could follow-up, follow-through, or stay in touch with a particular client prospect.

Also, in addition to the above, it consisted of many pre-created components to maintain consistent engagement between client and sales/marketing professional such as organizing, managing and executing emails, text messages, and scripted phone calls.


Technology used:

PHP 7, Amazon S3, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3

Project Overview:

This project was aimed at creating a web application for the effective and better treatment of the pets. Usually, there is no streamlined channel, just like human healthcare treatment, for the pet animals people own. So for that, we developed VETCO – a full-fledged pet treatment system in PHP.

It includes features and functionalities that catered two critical objectives – Pet health check-up with the Veterinary and medication prescription by the vet.

Also, through Vetco, pet owners can easily manage all the health records of their pets and organize them in one single place for easy and quick reference. As a pet owner, you can manage pet appointments, get prescriptions containing medications and the complete custom drafted pet treatment plan, and interact with the vet via a chatting interface.

Here are all the features included in Vetco for Pet Owners –
  • Electronic medical records
  • Automated reminders
  • Appointment management with the vet
  • Mate-making with a suitable mate
  • Pet healthcare report generation and management
  • Tracking critical info about your pet, such as a timeline of the medical events of your pet.

Moreover, as a vet doctor, you can easily manage your client appointments and related tasks and aspects. The system of Vetco designed for vet doctors also had features for managing all the prescriptions, pet records, and bills/invoices.

Here are all the features included in Vetco for Vet Doctors –
  • Medical history of all the pet animals they have had an interaction with.
  • Generating e-Prescriptions.
  • Managing invoices.
  • Managing multiple clinics where a particular doctor has appointments.
  • Vet doctors get to manage their medicine database as well as the services database.

In a nutshell, this web application was designed and developed to take pet treatment to the next level with the right use of existing technologies and tools. Overall, the main features across all components included – Records, reports, and prescriptions.


Technology used:

HTML5, CSS3, PHP 7, Amazon S3, MySQL, PayPal, Stripe, MyGate

Project Overview:

We developed this PHP application for our client from the healthcare industry. The main objective of developing this application was to bring the entire medical industry under one single roof. In simple terms, our client aimed to create an e-Healthcare platform that brought together patients, their relatives, their associated doctors, and healthcare professionals, as well as hospitals. So we developed this E-Healthcare application, which made our client's vision a practical reality.

Our client had this vision for one big reason - To facilitate seamless communication between all the components and easy exchange of any relevant and appropriate information. Through this e-Healthcare platform, patients can directly interact with their doctors and vice versa.

E-Healthcare platform enabled –
  • Patients to reach out to relevant doctors very quickly.
  • Management of all healthcare records in one single place.
  • Quick treatment of patients.
  • Patients to book an appointment with the doctor as per their convenient time slot.
  • Our client to manage all the healthcare professionals and their records through one central admin panel.
  • Hospitals to manage their staff as well as patients highly effectively.
The web application had five components –
  • Patient Panel
  • Doctor Panel
  • Pharmacy Panel
  • Hospital Panel
  • Admin Panel

We were responsible for the designing, development, and support and maintenance of the entire web application from scratch.


Technology used:

HTML5, CSS3, PHP 7, Angular, MySQL

Project Overview:

Our client wanted to build India's Largest Private Medical Helpline System, that consisted of many private ambulances.

Their main objective was to reduce the time taken for medical assistance to arrive at a particular patient depending upon his/her location. So we helped them achieve this goal by developing one of the technologically advanced PHP based web application.

Using the stanplus web application, our client tried to reduce the issue of ambulance timing optimization concerning the needs and requirements of the patient. We developed a massive database of hospitals and healthcare treatment centres, and they were used to map the patient to its nearby healthcare treatment facility.

Using the stanplus application, the patient was mapped to its nearby hospital or treatment center. This was done in two steps.

In the first step, the web application accepted input from the patient’s end regarding various parameters of their health status. Then in the second step, these parameters/inputs were used to map the patient to the nearby hospitals that had all the treatment facilities corresponding to the client’s ailment.

Stanplus web application aimed to reduce medical assistance time, which was initially 15 to 40 minutes.

For stanplus PHP application, we designed and developed a stable and scalable web application architecture, created a simple to use User interface that had a perfect balance between visual and textual components, and brought together a massive database of hospitals and medical treatment centers across India.

This web application had four components –
  • Admin Panel
  • Patient Panel
  • Ambulance Driver Panel
  • Ambulance Dispatcher Panel

We designed and developed this PHP application from scratch. Also, we were responsible for the complete support and maintenance work related aspects.


Technology used:

HTML5, CSS3, PHP 7, MySQL, Google Maps, PayPal, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Analytics

Project Overview:

Our client wanted to develop a freelancing related platform in the form of a web application. This would allow anyone to post any requirement and necessity, and they would get assistance from people skilled in the corresponding requirement handling.

Say for example if you are a freelancer that knows logo designing and is registered on the stint platform, you will get the requirement notification as soon as someone posts a requirement and it matches your skill-set.

STINT web application has three panels – Client Panel | Freelancer Panel | Admin panel. Also, this web application covered requirement and necessities from any and every industry segment. Through Stint, anyone can find instant help and assistance regarding their issues and needs.

Some of the core features include –
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Searching and finding the most relevant person to assist you with your needs and requirements.
  • Geo-location based job listing
  • Automated payment system
  • User ratings and reviews
  • Dispute resolving system
  • Faster credit system to facilitate getting things done quickly.
Apart from that, the web admin features include –
  • Role-based access mechanism
  • User management
  • Generating and managing transaction reports
  • Job posting and job status reporting
  • Server load information
  • Conflict and dispute management
  • Email and notification management

What we did – Development, Design and support and maintenance from scratch.


Technology used:

HTML5, CSS3, PHP 7, Amazon S3, MySQL, Push notifications, RETS (Real Estate Data Provider)

Project Overview:

Through this application, our client wanted to capture the space of On-demand massage. This web application was a platform that brought together customers who were seeking massages and highly skilled and trained massage therapists. Our client wanted to create the experience of in-house massage for their customers and also On-demand massage booking at a particular spa or parlor.

This application had the listing of all the spas or parlors associated within a specific vicinity as per the user's geo-location. The customer can then select any spa or parlor and book a particular massage therapist. This massage therapist will then go to the customer's house and provide the massage service. Moreover, the customer can book a specific spa or parlor as per their needs and requirements and go to that specific outlet as per booking timings.

Customer can book their massage appointment ranging from an hour before to 7 days in advance. This allowed for eliminating last-minute non-availability of massage therapist staff. Moreover, this web application supplied massage therapist staff to multiple places like homes, luxury hotels, Workplaces, as well as various kinds of events.

Apart from that, there were multiple payment systems integrated that allowed users to pay online as per their choice and convenience. We also implemented various security protocols that allowed us to keep the customer data safe and secure.

In a nutshell, this application had a –
  • Appointment booking system
  • Diverse Payment system
  • Invoicing system
  • User records managing system
Other features include –
  • Easy Registeration
  • Live location suggestions
  • Automated payment systems
  • Review and rating system
  • Customize your booking as per your needs.

We did designing, development, and support and maintenance of the project.


Technology used:

HTML5, CSS3, NMI Payment gateway, AWS Cloud, PHP 7, MySQL, Google Maps, Push Notifications

Project Overview:

Our client wanted to build a platform that connected users to their corresponding service providers. The service can be related to any field and industry segment. The working mechanism was simple. A particular user came to the website and searched for a specific service provider. He then got a list of service providers matching his needs and requirements.

Then the user selected the particular service provider, availed the service required, and made the necessary payment. It included geo-location features to provide users with the most relevant service provider as per their requirements. We also had push notifications implemented effectively so that there is consistent interaction, communication, and notifying going on between the user and the service provider.

To ensure data security related to payments and other user credentials and information, we implemented various data security practices and methodologies.


Technology used:

HTML5, CSS3, PHP 7, Amazon S3, Push Notifications, MySQL, Twilio, ManageBAC, AFN for networking

Project Overview:

Our client was from Saudi Arabia and owned multiple schools. So they wanted to transform the way students learn through a full-fledged school management system that also had a student portfolio system.

This web application developed in PHP had a multimedia journal for students, teachers as well as parents. Whatever the students learned through the web application, they were able to showcase it to their parents and teachers.

There were four panels developed for the application –
  • Student Panel
  • Teacher Panel
  • Parent Panel
  • Admin Panel

So the system was designed and developed in such a manner that throughout the year whatever the students learned academically, they were able to showcase it to their parents and teachers through an organized and systematic digital portfolio.

Moreover, parents were also kept in the loop so that they got real-time updates regarding their child's learning progress. This was done through emails, text messages, and push notifications.

Some other features included –
  • Journals and feeds for each of the panels – student, teacher, and parent.
  • Activity management system regarding a particular child and keeping the teacher and parent in loop.
  • Inbox to get notifications and alert messages for upcoming scheduled events.

Our team designed and developed the complete web application from scratch that and it was brought into implementation for multiple schools owned by our client. Apart from that, we were also involved in the Updations, support, and maintenance too.


Technology used:


Project Overview:

We developed this PHP web application as a secure system to enable organizations and agencies efficiently conduct critical activities related to disaster management such as deploy –

  • People
  • Necessary equipment
  • Recovery materials
  • Food and water
  • Financial Resources
  • Other Resources

This system was brought into existence in the first place to streamline disaster management related activities systematically and in a coordinated way for those people heavily affected by any particular disaster in a particular location.

Through the DRIMS web application, you can have a single point of contact in availing support and recovery services in case a natural disaster strikes you. Apart from Natural Disasters, DRIMS is impactful for cases of human-made disasters, homelessness, pandemics as well as poverty-related issue, and much more.


Technology used:


Project Overview:

Our client had a lot of showrooms related to cars and bikes. They wanted to increase their vehicle sales by a significant margin. Hence they created a word of mouth referral program in the form of a referral web application based on PHP technology.

This web application had three components – Dealer Panel, Referrer Panel, and Admin Panel.

Now, this system works as per the fundamentals of referral programs. First of all, a customer goes to a particular showroom to purchase a car or a bike. He/she then register for the referral program without any additional charges. The dealer of that specific showroom has a dealer account.

Now whenever that customer refers to another person about their showroom through a link shared by the dealer, and the referred person end up purchasing a vehicle from that showroom, then two things happen –

  • Both the Dealer and the Referrer gets notified about the sale.
  • The referrer is paid a certain amount as a commission by the dealership.

The admin panel manages the referrer panel as well as the dealer panel.

What did we do? – Designing, development, support, and maintenance from scratch.

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