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Request for Proposal
The Client is running a cab service company for the organizations in Australia. Everything is done manually; people call and book cab manually and verbally. A driver gets lost, forgets address and get confused and passenger are not able to track where the driver actually is. Often there are disputes about the fare charges. Client wants to solve this with an app so that everything can be done through app where drivers can locate their pick up address and drives passengers to the drop off location using navigation system and drivers and passengers can track their trips

Features Of Taxi Booking App

  • Ability to accept and reject the booking requests.
  • Divers receive passenger info after accepting the request.
  • Route navigation to pick up location.
  • Waiting time calculation and charges
  • Route navigation from Pick up to drop off location.
  • Ability to end the ride manually before drop off location reached on Passenger request.
  • The App ends the ride automatically once the drop point reached.
  • Ability to adjust the total fare after the completion of the ride.
  • Driver can see future booking schedule
  • Notification to the passenger when the driver arrives at picks up location.
  • Payment through Credit card, PayPal, and Cash.
  • Passenger gets an invoice through email and on the app after the payment with travel details.
  • Passenger can rate driver and provide comments.
  • The passenger can book future ride as well.
  • The passenger can view details to past rides.
  • The passenger can view details of future bookings.
  • Booking cancellation.
  • Easy registration including social authorization and OTP.
  • Live location suggestions when setting pickup and drop off points.
  • Favorite Address for easy future bookings.
  • GPS is available to locate passenger’s current position.
  • Estimated fare calculation based on distance and time.
  • Driver’s info shared with Passenger once request accepted by the driver.
  • The App ends ride automatically once the drop point reached.
  • Live-tracking when the driver approaches the pickup location.
  • Creation of driver account.
  • Admin can save driver legal documents.
  • Tracking of all booking requests accepted and rejected.
  • Track all confirmed bookings & all completed rides.
  • Track all Cancellations and fare summary.
  • Ability to set the base fare dynamically.
  • View all drivers ratings and review.
  • Ability to set/change the content of all email and notification sent to the system.

Challenges & Solutions


Taxi booking process diagram


Technology Stack


  • PayPal Payment SDK   
  • Database SQLite   
  • Crittercism for Crash Reporting   
  • Facebook SDK for authorization   
  • Google Maps for Map and Location   


  •   CoreData for data storage
  •   Afnetworking for managing request to server
  •   Side Menu UI component