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App Features

  • Easy registration including social authorization and OTP.
  • Live location suggestions on google map to help the user find the locations easily.
  • Address favorite locations on google map.
  • Geolocation based Job listing.This helps to discover activities around you and notify nearby users of your task.
  • Automated escrow payment system. Funds are released only when both parties sign off the task.
  • User reviews and ratings. To See a user’s past experience with others.
  • Manual dispute reviews. Got a problem? File a dispute which reviewed manually with the expert team.
  • Credit System. No need to sign into a payment processor every time, get things done faster with credits. Add and withdraw anytime.
  • Customizable notification settings for nearby activities.
  • Manual and automatic location update.

Web Admin Features

A centralized web system to manage all transactions, users, their disputes with complete tracking of financial reports.

  • Role based access.
  • App User Management.
  • Financial transaction reports.
  • Job Posting reports based on different job status.
  • Server load information.
  • Manage cases with conflicts and dispute.
  • Dynamic email and notification content.

Challenges & Solutions

We don’t want to have many categories as this could trouble user and finding category from a long list is a bad idea, hence after doing lots of brainstorming and continuous discussions we came up with 8 categories.

  1. Delivery
  2. Labor
  3. Digital
  4. Academic
  5. Professional
  6. Creative
  7. Entertainment
  8. Others

We should show all these categories clearly on one screen and every category type has little difference in process of posting jobs. For example for Delivery Type of Jobs, Job poster has to provide locations (any number) where Job Taker has to go to the pickup point, delivery point or can have multiple pickups and delivery points.

We provided custom options to User to set the categories and miles for which he can offer services. Based on miles and interesting categories provided by the Users, we set the default zoom level of map dynamically so that map shows the total number of jobs on the first screen and further user can zoom the map accordingly to the extent where the price of each job will show up.
We provided an option to both parties; Job Taker and Job Poster to mark the Job as disputed with one touch. Disputed transactions can be viewed by Admin Freelancer in Web admin panel. Admin can see the communication happened between the parties and other details of Job and can declare a winner with a single click. Once the winner is declared, the amount is adjusted accordingly in credit system/wallet of Job Poster and Job Taker.
It’s important for us Job takers user their real identity as pseudonyms are not accepted, ensuring that people behave responsibly, with their full and real name (and real photo).Social auth is also mandatory so that members link their Stint profile to their existing social network to increase trust amongst members. Phone numbers and emails both are verified. Job Poster can view the Social networking profile of job taker to ensure the person is reliable before assign job.

Technology Stack

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