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Request for Proposal
Executive Summary
In this Mobile-savvy world, every person including Fitness Training Professionals carries their Smartphones everywhere they go. So when the client approached us to add new functionalities to the company’s fitness app that lacked so of the main requirements, we agreed. One of the major problems was the managing of records that were previously done traditionally by maintaining a logbook.
We decided to step-up the game by giving this application a whole new makeover while also adding the required features. Main Objective of the Client’s Company was to cancel out the need for pen, paper and Excel Spreadsheets for monitoring the user’s progress. Before moving ahead to the solution part we referred some existing apps to analyze the whole scenario. We did notice that majority of these existing Fitness applications were overloaded with several functionalities and offered a poor user experience.

Additional Functionalities

  • Highly-Interactive - The interaction between the trainer and the application must be smooth as well as fast.

  • Responsive - To make the access quick and easy to all the necessary information for both user and the fitness professionals.

  • Customizable - To have the ability to create custom plans and workout routines as per the users.

  • Rich UI - Featuring a simple yet effective look while giving the user a rich feel.

What we did & how we did it

Cloud Integration

This project came to us a stand-alone project so one of the first requirements was to integrate it to the cloud. This was an essential step in order to perform automatic syncing of the data. Cloud integration auto-syncs the latest updated user information simultaneously on the web and the Training Notebook app.

Client Data Restoration

The biggest risk in migrating and syncing with the cloud was data loss and data corruption. We overcome the data loss through two folded reconciliation, count reconciliation and financial reconciliation. We compared the record count in the legacy system to the target system to get fair assessment of the data loss. Similarly, we did reconciliation of financial data of the end users to find mismatch records. While we did Validation to identify the Data Corruption. After thorough granular analysis, we fixed the lost or mismatched records by manually feeding the user data in the cloud.

Data Migration

We provided an option for every user to migrate their details and other information to provide a smooth experience but still a few users skipped the migration part and lost their data. To overcome this, we put the ‘Percentage’ on the migration screen to show the user the progress rate and avoid data loss.

UI Makeover

The UI was not at all good when the project first came to ChromeInfotech. Our team of designers changed the whole look of the app and the website of Training Notebook including the signature colors. We recreated the UI keeping in mind the Fitness Professionals perspective as they are the app’s users.



This is the first screen a user sees after opening the app. Best practices say the first screen must contain the most important information useful to the users, and the transitions between the screens must be as few as possible. Now, the question in this app was the data that is most important and which should be there on the home screen. We kept major features of the app on the home screen:

  • View All Clients
  • Calendar
  • Pre Designed Programming Templates

This is another screen which contains critical information from a trainer’s perspective. Whenever a trainer meets new clients, the trainer must get the client fill physical activity readiness questioner. A liability waiver form is also signed to the trainer on the app and can be emailed to client email ID from app directly.


The trainer can track client work out here and store them in iPad local memory. Training programs can also be emailed to the clients. The trainer can also take client before and after pictures. The trainer can also track the fat progression of client and email them the assessments.

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Happy Clients

Our client credited ChromeInfotech’s sincere efforts and intelligent algorithm for the grand success of their Fitness Application. Our solution eliminated the data redundancy issue and to enhance the impact of newly added features to the existing product’s landscape was the key to client’s business success.

Downloads – The new app process flow that was created by our team led to the biggest change in the overall app download landscape. This application works incredibly well on the end-user system, making it high on Acceptance Rating

Facebook Fan Club – Training Notebook’s engaging features and awe-inspiring designs are receiving appreciation from tech enthusiasts from all around the world. The app popularity is rapidly increasing via Facebook among the fitness professionals.

Happy Clients – This fitness training app is considered as a breakthrough among the already existing fitness applications. Training Notebook has benefited thousands of fitness professionals and led them to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Final Outcome

Our team of professionals helped the client by creating the same functionally and features on the web stream as well. This helped thousands of app users to upgrade from the tedious paperwork to a smooth Web Application Management. By using agile model-based approach, we delivered smarter Development Optimization, effective Requirement Analysis and better QA coverage. The Training Notebook has served over 1 Million happy customers and counting!

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"Today, our client has a multifold presence over the web and mobile platforms. Fitness Notebook has enabled thousands of Fitness Professionals do manage their health in a smarter way, without the hassle of maintaining records on paper."