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Request for Proposal
One-stop shop for pet owners that can be easily accessed website platform and Mobile App. A platform where dog owners can connect with caregivers simply and safely. Idea is to make it simple and profitable for dog walkers to grow their independent businesses. The objective is to eliminate practically all of the hassles of entrepreneurship so that dog walkers can spend minimal time dealing with the hassles of entrepreneurship and maximum time doing what they love best: taking care of dogs. Pet owners will have peace of mind that the pet care provider is vetted, mentored, trained and certified as well as being bonded and insured that supports total credibility. A marketplace for pet owners to find trustworthy Pet Care.


  • Search for Pet Care Providers easily.
  • Make one time to recurring bookings via Sniffs Snout for the pet exercising/boarding services.
  • Create a personalized checklist and receive service notifications.
  • View the walking reports.
  • Invite and create “packs” of other Dog owners and Pet care providers. It’s like creating a group of PCP and DO where they can communicate.
  • The vetting process for Pet Care Providers to create an account in Sniffs Snout.
  • Facility from the day’s schedule for the PCP to start tracker while they walking with dog and all the information during walking like check-in/check-out location & time, route walked, amount of time walked, and speed walked, a photo of dog will be taken during exercising service or once a day during overnight boarding or in-home sitting. Part of this tracking will include a place to type a note to the dog owner and check off pooped and/or peed.
  • Wallet system for PCP where they can see how much they earned and withdraw payment to their PayPal account anytime they want.
  • Reward points for sharing through social media.
  • Reassign service from one PCP to another.
  • Review and Rating to PCP by DO.
  • Mentoring program where one PCP can teach other PCP’s and get paid.
  • Real-time tracking where DO can see the progression of the walk on the map.

Challenges & Solutions


Chat feature one of the important feature of Sniffs Snout system and we need to have this in both mobile app and website. we integrated the third Party chat API’s into our system. We used the TokBox API as it runs quickly with advanced features, control and wide device support.

We choose Delayed Chained Payment Using Adaptive Payments in PayPal. Because we require payment to be indirectly split among secondary receivers. The primary receiver doesn’t have to pay the fees with the secondary receivers paying all the fees.
We implemented third party API’s for background check named as ‘fadv’. Integrated the API into the app through which they directed to their website and able to do the Background process and make payment on their website. After the background check process, they get the badge on their profile. PCP will receive the email notification when their Background Check Process will be done.
We discussed to implement the system on hybrid but then because of the advantages of native app we decided to develop the system in native for mobile apps. Going with hybrid we can save efforts and cost but as we are not on position to compromise. Native gives us many advantages like they perform best, because they have direct access to hardware and memory. UI components are represented in a form that is native to the OS, so processing of graphics is fastest. Background processing, making use of hardware such as the accelerometer, and interfacing with external products like HealthKit, Bluetooth, and a low-level network is all possible. We made the system look similar on all platforms so that User feels familiar with the application irrespective of from which platform he is accessing.