Vice President of Operations for Bitesize

Please describe your organization.

Bitesize is a content methodology company, with a technology that allows us to distribute content easily. We take education and training, turn it into easily digestible pieces, and distribute those pieces with software. We can work with a website, application, text, and emails. We provide a holistic approach to making education and training sticky.

What is your position and responsibilities ?

I'm vice president of operations, so I make sure that all the different components, pieces, contractors, and employees are meeting the timelines and objectives, and things are getting done and getting done well.

Opportunity Challenge

What business challenge were you trying to address with ChromeInfo Technologies ?

We've been using ChromeInfo for years. Our goal with them is to bring stability, and make our technology effective, efficient, and cutting edge. Stability is big for us, so we use them to make sure that our database and information is organized and running effectively.


Please describe the scope of their involvement in detail.

They provide software development, application development, and database management. They've done a little bit of Web design, but not much. They do programming and troubleshooting.

We've recently added some testers onto their team, who are testing some of the scenarios that we do with our users. They've also done general software project management for us as well, and they've actually started being a part of our discovery process and our strategic planning for some of the initiatives that we're launching.

How did you come to work with ChromeInfo Technologies ?

The owner of the company selected them, and I believe it was through a referral process. When I was hired, they were actually already a part of this company. I stepped in and took on the relationship with them, and worked with them to grow their team, increase their capacity, and increase the results they created for us.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms ?

We've done a handful of projects of more than $10,000. If you look at the overall engagement, it's definitely around the $250,000 range.

What is the status of this engagement?

We've worked together for about two years, and the relationship is ongoing. We have to no plans to end our collaboration with them.


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement ?

We're actually working on building some metrics into their performance. They've helped us build a ticketing system and a technology management system, so that we can identify the average turnaround time for a ticket, and some of the development time. We're not to that point right now, as far as those metrics, but they are helping us develop that, to show their effectiveness and efficiency as well as to help us build that ticketing system.

The number of users we have actively using the software solutions they've created is in the thousands. We get success stories from time to time from users, who are ecstatic about what the applications have done for them and their business. They're not directly in touch with our clients, so generally the feedback comes to us in the form of happy customers.

How did ChromeInfo Technologies perform from a project management standpoint ?

We're definitely satisfied with their performance, which is why we're still working with them. Lately, we've really been impressed with their ability to grow their team to meet our demands. They just hired a project manager specifically for our account.

We know that they have multiple clients, and they make us feel like we're their only client. They're able to meet some of our unique demands because we are in different industries, and our industries have different hours. They spread out their team to meet our long hours, and to meet some of the unique demands that we have.

What distinguishes ChromeInfo Technologies from other providers ?

ChromeInfo Technologies has the ability to be dynamic. They adjust their team and their approach based on our needs. They've done a lot of changes, and a lot of adjustments, to be able to meet our specific needs, and that's impressive for a programming team, especially one that's already in existence.

In hindsight, are there areas in which they could improve, or things you might do differently?

The number one thing they could improve on is understanding the scope of a project before they start fully, so identify additional information they might need. That's been a weak point of theirs, which we've helped them to improve. They had a higher percentage of scope creep when we first started with them, and they've been able to decrease that in time.

What advice would you give a future client of theirs ?

Around that scope part of it, be clear on what the desired results are, be clear on the priorities, and the scope of the project. If you can have that clarity, and bring it to them, they'll definitely knock it out of the park for you. If not, there's going to be a lot of back and forth to identify the scope while the work is ongoing, which is usually a lot less effective.

For schedule, as in being on time and meeting deadlines ?

Five. We had issues early on but, right now, they work hard to meet our timelines.

How would you rate your overall experience collaborating with ChromeInfo Technologies ?


For the overall score ?


I can throw anything at them [ChromeInfo Technologies], and they can build it.

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ChromeInfo Technologies has the ability to be dynamic. They adjust their team and their approach based on our needs.

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ChromeInfo Technolgies were very quick to take our specification, understand our requirements and...

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They've been really good. As a general rule, they've worked around the clock to hit our targets.

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