We at ChromeInfotech have full-fledged experienced software development team that has accomplished multiple unique projects in Finance .

Here Are Some of Those for Your Quick Reference.

Payroll Processing and Tracking System

Technology used:

PHP, Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, jQuery, AngularJS, Amazon S3

Project Overview:

This Project required Us to develop a Payroll Processing and Tracking system that can be integrated with the HR Management Suite and Accounting Software that Our Client was already using in his Business Organization. Our Client wanted a system that will help automate and streamline the entire Process concerning the Payment of Employee salary.

Here are the key Features We implemented in this Project:
  • Automated and Precise Payroll Calculating Functionality- This module utilizes information such as attendance, benefits, leaves, reimbursements, advances, and so on to calculate the exact Wages to be paid to the Employees.
  • The Direct Deposit feature which eliminates manual printing and handling of paychecks and instead disburses the salary directly into the employee's account.
  • Tax calculating and filling facility that automatically calculates the taxes of every employee. It also pre-fills the tax forms based on records of employee's previous payroll information.
  • Employee panel that enables Employees to log in and view their payroll History, fill in their in/out time, enquire any issues or confusions regarding payroll, etc.
  • Leave management module using which Employees can drop in their Leave requests while Managers can view these requests, accept/decline them. The System then considers the accepted leaves in the Process of calculating Payroll.
  • Benefit and Bonus management functionality that manages and tracks Employees' benefits claims, allowances, and other Perks.
  • Reporting module that provides an overview of a Company’s Budget, taxes, Compensations, benefits, and other payroll related data.
  • Compliance Management system- We implemented this feature so that the Payrolls are in line with all the relevant rules and regulations and hence prevent any legal complications.
What did we do for the project?
  • Wireframing
  • HTML /CSS Designing and Front-end development using Typescript and AngularJS
  • Full-fledged Software development
  • Automated Software Testing using Selenium and Java

Fund Accounting Solution for a Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organization

Technology used:

Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Vue.js, Google Cloud Services, Payment Integrations(Stripe, PayPal)

Project Overview:

The Client of this Project who is an animal lover runs a Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization and Shelter in the U.S.A and approached Us with the requirement to develop a Software that will help Him and other non-profit Organizations to Manage their Finances, Funding Workflow, and provide Transparency so that Donors can get to know how their contributions are being utilized. It was required that We develop a Solution which, unlike other accounting Solutions revolves around accountability rather than profitability.

Here’s an overview of the major features that We developed and implemented in this Project:

Facility for setting up an unlimited number of fund accounts.

  • Functionality that allows Supporters to save their credit card details and automatically submit donations for future fundraising campaigns.
  • Facility for easy creation of customized donation pages and forms (single/multistep) containing links that directly lands on the donation form.
  • Social Network Integrations that enables Non-profit Organizations to leverage Social Media features for driving in more funds for their campaigns by identifying prospective donors. It also allows them to connect with their supporters and donors.
  • Functionality for setting up of an unlimited number of fund accounts.
  • Feature for tracking pledges, grants, funds, and interactions with the major donors.
  • Financial reporting feature that enables non-profit Organizations to create custom reports by Projects, campaigns and departments for getting insights into the financial health of the Organization including aspects such as monthly/yearly budgets, total donations, number of donors, lapsed donors. Active donors, etc.
  • Automated donation tracking feature that automatically tracks all batches of donations and shuts down a fundraising event when the required amount of fund has been raised.
  • GAAP compliance and FASB report creating functionality- We built the System such that it allows Non-Profit Organizations to easily create FASB reports which can be provided to concerned parties such as board members, donors, investors as well as the government. These reports show the current financial status of the Organization.
  • Facility for easy and quick creation of giving statements monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • Functionality for tracking and comparing budget to actual accounting.
What did we do for the project?
  • POC
  • Discovery Phase
  • MVP Development
  • HTML /CSS Designing and Front-end development using Typescript and Vue.js
  • Full-fledged Software development
  • Software testing

Custom Accounting Software for Small-Scale Businesses

Technology used:

PHP, Symfony, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, jQuery, React.js, Amazon S3, Payment gateways(Stripe, PayPal)

Project Overview:

The Client of this Business, who is an Entrepreneur by Profession, approached Us with the requirement of building a Custom Software Solution that will help Small-Scale Businesses to streamline and automate all their finance-related processes. Our Client wanted to build the Software Product such that it can be easily integrated with third-party Platforms such as ERP systems. So We built a Custom accounting Software with features that are specifically designed for Small-Scale Businesses.

Here are the key features We implemented in this Project:
  • Online Payment Processing module which allows Businesses to accept payments online through platforms such as Stripe and PayPal.
  • Functionality to manage Business assets such as office equipment, hardware, vehicles, etc. for accounting purposes.
  • Functionality that securely imports all bank transactions for easy viewing and tracking.
  • Bank reconciliation system that helps Businesses to keep track of their cash flow by automated matching of bank transactions to invoices, bill payments, and any purchases recorded in the System.
  • Comprehensive Business performance dashboard that displays all updated information regarding a Business such as net Profit, net gross, net sales, etc. all at one place.
  • Reporting and analysis module which helps create custom Reports so using which Businesses can get insights into monitor their cash flow, monthly trends, bank balances, invoices, bills, outstanding invoices, and more. It can also be used to create reports for a specific part of the businesses which needs to be monitored.
  • Functionality that allows Storing of all documents related to one transaction together and also to attach those files to Customer invoices.
  • Feature that automatically provides updates regarding best-selling and the least selling product lines.
  • Invoicing system that allows Businesses to create invoices online easily and send multiple invoices to Customers together.
  • Reminders for billing and invoices.
  • Multi-currency accounting facility which allows Businesses to convert payment amounts and receive them in 80+ Currencies.
  • Functionality that allows Businesses to manage payments and bills that are due for payment.
  • Automated sales tax rate calculator that helps to accurately calculates taxes that a Business needs to file.
What Did We Do for The Project?
  • Discovery Phase
  • MVP Development
  • HTML /CSS Designing and Front-end development using Typescript and React.js
  • Full-fledged Software development
  • Automated Software Testing using Selenium and Java

Software System for Tracking and Managing Portfolio/Investments

Technology used:

Node.js, Express.js, HTML5, CSS3, MongoDB, jQuery, AngularJS, Google Cloud Services

Project Overview:

In this Project, the Client wanted Us to build a Software Solution which can be used to track and manage any financial asset/investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, IRAs, etc. efficiently. The idea was to build a Platform using which Investors can get insights and updates about their investments/assets from anywhere in the world and take better investment decisions. Accordingly, We developed a highly secured System with features that will cater to the same.

Here are the key features We implemented in this Project:
  • Functionality that enables Users to connect all their external financial accounts and receive a real-time view/analysis of their financial status and net worth.
  • Feature for setting and customizing Spending as well as saving goals on a yearly/monthly/quarterly basis.
  • Financial forecasting tool that analyzes a Users present financial condition and based on that forecasts the future economic wellbeing of that User.
  • Functionality for creating various What-if scenarios to make better financial decisions and optimize financial planning.
  • Facility for categorizing investments into different groups so that Users can break down their assets and review them more efficiently.
  • Investment Portfolio reporting system that enables Investors to get in-depth knowledge about their current holdings through various custom reports. These reports include transactions report, summary report, gain and loss report, and historical performance report.
  • Multi-currency support using which Investors can track financial assets from around the world.
  • Dividend tracking system.
  • Functionality that allows Users to track their initial expenditure on investments and analyze with current market value to determine loss/gain.
  • Portfolio historical value chart- This feature showcases how the value of a User’s Portfolio has changed since the beginning.
  • Automated calculators for various performance measuring values such as Total returns, Portfolio percentage, yearly income, Time-weighted return, and so on.
  • Facility to view performance numbers of a User’s portfolio over any time frame.
  • Alerts and notifications in cases of drop or hike in portfolio value.
  • Graphical representations that comprehensively displays all the various performance values of a Portfolio.
What did we do for the project?
  • Discovery Phase
  • HTML /CSS Designing and Front-end development using Typescript and AngularJS
  • Full-fledged Software development
  • iOS mobile app development using Swift
  • Software Testing

Financial Planning Software for Professional Financial Advisers

Technology used:

Python, HTML5, CSS3, PostgreSQL, jQuery, React.js, Amazon Web Services

Project Overview:

The Client of this Project is a well known and established Professional Financial Adviser who approached Us with the requirement of building an all-inclusive Software Solution which will help Our Client as well as other Advisers to not only deliver the best financial plans to their Customers but provide better Client engagements as well. So taking into account all the requirements of Our Client, We built a Complete Financial Planning Software equipped with features needed to plan out the financial future of a Customer efficiently.

Here are the key features We implemented in this Project:
  • The Customer/Client portal which allows the Clients of an Adviser to track their financial goals, store their documents, create a budget and track them, etc.
  • Facility that allows unlimited storage of files including legal documents, wills, tax returns, audio file, etc. which can be either kept private by the Customers or share it with the advisers.
  • Functionality that allows Advisers to connect various financial data and accounts of a Client to make informed decisions and planning.
  • Feature that can be used to simulate multiple finance related scenarios to help Clients better understand what and how will a decision impact their financial plan.
  • Custom blueprint creation functionality that Advisers can use to provide a financial picture using what-if scenarios.
  • Estate planning support which Advisers can use to provide Clients information regarding estate planning such as risks, vulnerabilities, benefits, etc.
  • Medicare planning support which advisers can use to assist Clients for Medical Planning.
  • Student loan planning module which helps Advisers plan out different scenarios for reducing payments.
  • Marketing features, such as social media sharing to attract, convert, and retain clients.
  • Advanced analytics feature that can help advisers to identify financial growth opportunities of a Client quickly.
  • Functionality that automatically backs up data after a specific time interval.
  • Interactive planning tools that help create the optimum financial plan.
  • Functionality for comparisons of multiple plans that allow Clients to choose the most relevant and beneficial one.
  • Feature that allows Clients to record and document their lifestyle preferences so that advisers can plan out the perfect finance strategy for them.
  • Financial Planning calculators that provide instant calculations for insurance, college planning, retirement, asset allocation, real-estate planning, etc.
  • Smart tax strategy planning module to save Client’s money.
  • Retirement planning module using which advisers can help clients understand and prepare for retirement by using various "what-if scenarios," illustrating stress tests, etc.
What did we do for the project?
  • POC
  • Discovery Phase
  • MVP Development
  • HTML /CSS Designing and Front-end development using Typescript and React.js
  • Full-fledged Software development
  • Automated Software Testing using Selenium and Java

Sales Tax Automation Software

Technology used:

PHP, Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, jQuery, React.js, Google Cloud Services.

Project Overview:

The Client of this Project, who owns and operates an e-Commerce Business, approached Us with the requirement of building a Sales Tax Automation and Calculating Software system, which can be easily integrated with the e-Commerce Platform. In this Project, We built a Software product that will allow Our Client to manage Sales tax, streamline as well as automate every sales tax related task/operation.

Here's an overview of the significant features We implemented in this Project:
  • Automated Sales tax calculator which will provide Our Client the exact amount of Sales tax that needs to be charged from the Customers.
  • Functionality for managing shipping charges which are different for different states.
  • Feature for handling and complying to origin-based as well as destination-based sales tax sourcing rules.
  • System for comparing and analyzing the sales tax collected from Customers vs. The actual amount that is expected to be collected.
  • Comprehensive dashboard that automatically provides real-time updates of sales tax collected for any state along with the next payment due date.
  • Sales tax reporting system- This feature can be used to generate custom reports regarding the sales and sales tax collected at the jurisdiction level.
  • Automated updating of real-time tax rates.
  • We also integrated printable tax forms.
What did we do for the project?
  • Wireframing
  • HTML /CSS Designing and Front-end development using Typescript and React.js
  • Full-fledged Software development
  • Software Testing
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