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Travel Has Just Got Better With Intuitive Mobile Apps

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We Help You Catch the Pulse of the Connected Traveler

We at ChromeInfotech helps companies go live with Digital Travel Services, creating new ways to engage technology-obsessed customers. We help travel businesses develop a customer-engagement strategy that simultaneously differentiates and generates ever-increasing business value.

With our Mobility and Digital Workspace offerings we empower the established business models to reshape their customer experience across industries. We work in-lieu with the industry leaders in redefining operations with a concept of “Connected Traveler” with infinite possibilities.

We help Travel Industry get closer to their customers, enhancing opportunities and driving value.

Redefining Travel Industry With Mobility
Pickup and Delivery Management

Travel Management Applications

Travel Product Purchase Solutions

Dynamic Route Planning

Plan & Search Travel Destinations

Geo Fencing & Geo Tagging Applications

Location Advisory Platforms

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Accommodations Check & Booking


Integrated Hotel Platform

Supply Chain Management

Pre & Post-Trip Management Applications

Track and Trace Solutions

Suggestive selling Strategies

Offering Complete Mobility Solution To Redefine The Travel Industry


Finally, a way to discover awesome deals from Top restaurants and bars in Shanghai – wherever you are.

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Kapesni lets visitors find self-guided tours for museums and other cultural venues. You can find tours nearby with GPS, or search for museums and tours by location or keywords. Use Kapesni to preview exhibitions and collections before you go, take tours while you're there, and see your favorite objects again after you've left.

T-Notebook Application