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About Client

Our Client is native to the U.S.A and is a certified professional fitness trainer along with being the owner of a fitness studio.

He is very passionate about fitness and health and has a strong aspiration to help people in attaining their health goals and their overall well-being.

Our Client employed himself as both a committed personal trainer-providing customized training to individual clients and also as a fitness coach in the Gym.

Client Issues

Our Client was doing very well in the professional front and got himself recognized in the fitness industry. And along with recognition came an increase in customer base.

Earlier Our Client used to manage all the schedules and data of the customers using simple excel sheets and basic 3rd party softwares.

But now with such huge numbers, these management solutions were turning out to be futile and data management was becoming a tough task for our Client.

This is exactly when fate introduced Our Client to a representative of our Company.

Fiddlefit Fiddlefit Fiddlefit
The solution and
inception of an idea

Our representative was on a visit to the U.S.A when she bumped into Our Client in a cafe. Both of them got into talking and eventually landed up in the conversation of the problems that Our Client was facing.

So Our Representative being well acquainted with the technology domain started explaining to Our Client about:

“How a digital software platform can be the perfect solution for all the problems”
“How a software solution can leverage his business and line of work”
Our representative pointed out several benefits to Our Client that he can achieve by developing a fitness based software solution:

No manual record keeping and data tracking of Customers

More convenience for customers and hence will increase customer retention.

Proper management and organizing platform for both personal and Gym going customers.

Ability to reach out to a larger audience through online training programs.

Receive regular and automatic updates about customer’s progress.

Easy and efficient fitness assessment like measuring BMI, through automation.

Facilitate Customers to undergo training sessions even in the physical absence of a trainer.

Provide at-home training sessions if required.

Create a rich repository of various workout videos.

Update personalized and generic diet plans online.

After getting to know about the amazing benefits that digital solutions have to provide, Our Client was now determined to build up his own fitness software that could assist fitness coaches to easily manage their customers and contribute to their business profits.

Special Features

Multi-platform support

To provide convenience, both Trainers and Clients can access this software from multiple digital platforms such as:

  • Web
  • iPad
  • Tablet

Multilingual Support

This platform has been developed to support multiple languages like English and Spanish.

So if a trainer or a customer is not comfortable with english, then they can easily switch the language mode to spanish.


Integration with Fitness Tracker

Every person on the journey to attain fitness goals invest in some kind of fitness tracker that monitors everyday activities and health vitals.

ChromeInfotech developed features that would allow customers to synchronize their fitness trackers with the software.

This software can be synced to a wide range of activity trackers such as Fitbit and many others.


Workout Visual Demonstartion

This software is equipped with a video uploading feature that allows trainers to add workout videos.

These videos are supported with guidance regarding How to execute each workout.

The videos are grouped into various categories such as-The muscle group targeted.


Assessment Dashboard

Regular assessment is a very crucial aspect of a person’s health journey.

ChromeInfotech equipped this fitness software with a assessment panel which provides regular updates to fitness coaches regarding a customer’s:

  • BMI
  • Body fat%
  • Circumference measurements of the different body parts

Scheduling Part

This software equips a scheduling feature that facilitates trainers to effectively manage their work and training sessions.

We also implemented a calendar view to increase efficiency.

Trainers can add reminders and notes to against their scheduled dates


Personalized Workout Plan

Every individual is different and a personalized schedule bears the best results.

So We developed a feature that allows the fitness coach to put together customized workouts according to the requirements and progress of the customer.

Trainers can also add in the Workouts as various categories.


Workout Instruction Panel

In order to facilitate trainers to provide online instructions to their customers, We developed a data sheet where trainers can fill in the instructions against particular workouts.

With this feature trainers can also leave additional notes if required.


Management Interface

To eae up the lives of Fitness Trainers, ChromeInfotech developed a comprehensive Customer Interface through which trainers can easily manage their customers.

Through this, Trainers can quickly:

  • Overview a customer’s profile
  • Assign workouts
  • Go through customer’s progress and track record.
The one stop solution to
Customer retention

This fitness software was developed keeping in mind the biggest problem of the fitness industry:

Customer Retention

ChromeInfotech strategically designed this fitness software to:

  • Increase customer base through automated and virtual workout sessions.
  • Boost up customer visit and usage by keeping them happy and satisfied.
  • Leverage Trainers’ business by creating a brand name for themselves.
  • Hold off customers by motivating them through loyalty and progress rewards.
Fiddlefit Fiddlefit
  • Automated Progress tracking
  • Personalized workouts
  • Online training sessions
  • At-home training convenience
  • Rewards and compensation
Ehealthcare System
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Challenges We Encountered
And How We Solved Them
Challenge 1: Our Client’s limited awareness regarding technology

The first and foremost challenge that we had to overcome was the fact that Our Client had little to no knowledge regarding development of digital solutions.Our Client had no clue about when and where to start form.His vision was very broad and not specific enough to start ahead with the development process.Moreover Our Client possessed a limited budget which added in to the challenges.

Our Solution:

The first solution that we came up with was Research. Researching the Market and other similar Fitness Apps gave us ample idea to polish up the vision and ideas of Our Client. We then narrowed down to a conclusion regarding the concept and objective of the fitness software. The second solution was to break down the the whole project into several phases to bridge up the budget limitations. And We were able to successfully develop and launch the first phase of the software within Our Client’s budget. The first phase of the software was equipped with the necessary features defining the software’s functionalities and purpose.

Challenge 2:

The term “Fitness” is in itself very extensive. It is actually a versatile term that blends in various aspects related to health and well being.

Our Solution:

We participated in a constant communication with Our Client who had a well understanding and knowledge regarding “Fitness”. He illustrated and defined the various fitness related terminologies, formulas and components that form the fundamentals of Fitness Training such as:

  • Body Mass Index(BMI)
  • Site 3, Site 4,Site 7 Body Fat % measurement And so on.

We invested time in order to accurately understand such Fitness related aspects. And then drafted out plans and designs with accompanying examples to architecture these aspects into the Fitness Software.

Challenge 3: Accommodation of large data into an attractive and mobile- friendly User Interface

Another challenge that We encountered was to display large volume of data, graphs ad analysis information in a gorgeous UI. On top of that size limitations of iPad and mobile screens were further adding up to the challenge.

Our Solution:

First of all, Our designer constructed 3 to 4 mockups provide a glimpse into how the UI should turn out. Secondly, ChromeInfotech employed UI/UX expert to work together with the designer. The combined work of both the designer and the expert resulted in an excellent and mobile friendly UI. And this was especially true for iPads.

Challenge 4: Security

The fitness software was developed to store sensitive personal information regarding customers’ health. So security surely came up as one of the important and challenging issues that needed be taken care of.

Our Solution:

ChromeInfotech came up with a strategy to administer authoritative and reliable security features like:

  • Encryption Algorithms- MD5 and Salt
  • File Transfer Protocols
Challenge 5: Synchronization of different time zones

One of the persisting challenges that we faced during the initial phases of this project was keeping up with the difference in time zones.
Our Client insisted on overlapping the working hours of Our Team with his in order to speed up the project and also attain better efficiency.

Our Solution:

Our Development Team along with the Project Manager drafted out a schedule to cope with the time difference. The agenda was to undergo 3 working days within usual office timings while the other 2 days were synced to our client’s working hours. This schedule was carried on for the initial 2 months and then the team resorted back to regular office timings once the project got stabilized

Result Image
Final Outcome

Some of the phases have been successfully developed and deployed in the market.

We have started getting back reviews and feedbacks from the users which are majorly positive and satisfying.

The full-fledged fitness software is also being continually promoted by ChromeInfotech as well as Our

Client in various reputed Conferences like:

  • GITEX , Dubai
  • Mobile World Congress, Los Angeles

ChromeInfotech is still actively associated with this project and is working progressively to enforce new aspects like Diet and Nutrition plans to elevate it into a complete and all-rounded digital Fitness software.

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