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is a multimedia journal that empowers the student to showcase what they’re learning at school.


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Our client owns many schools in Saudi Arabia and as the world is changing towards digital schooling so is our client. They were previously using another system for digital schooling but now they wanted to create their own system as it will be economical for them.

is Student Portfolio System ?

The Student Portfolio System is a multimedia journal that empowers the student to showcase what they’re learning at school.

Through the school year, the system builds an organized, digital portfolio of each student’s learning, accessible by the teacher, student, and parent.

The system also keeps parents in the loop by giving them real-time, personalized glimpse into their child’s school day, via automatic iOS and Android notification, email and texts.

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Student Portfolio System Works ?

Academic admin teachers create a class. Each student gets their own journal stored in the cloud.


Students & teachers add artifacts of learnin, like photos, videos, or drawings. Students add voice, text or drawing annotations to an item.


Teachers approve new journal items. Approved items are then shared with parents vis ap, text message or email notifications.


Over time, Seesaw builds an organized, digital portfolio of each student's learning, accessible via iOS app or on the web.

Why Should
a school tryStudent Portfolio System ?

1. Setting up your class takes just a few minutes!

2. The system is designed for students to add items on their own, taking the burden of organizing and sharing work off of teachers. But, if you want to add items, you easily can.

3. No more figuring out which iPad a student’s work is saved on or hunting through various apps to find a project! Students can also add photos of worksheets, art projects, etc., so everything is in one place. When it’s in their journal, it appears on all iPads and on the web.

4. Students are eager to capture their learning and share what excites them. Our system gives them a safe space to do that.

5. It’s safe and secure. You decide who has access to student journals.

6. Parents can be more connected to the classroom and receive personalized communication about their child, all without adding more work to your already busy day!

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Features We Implement

i. Journal/ Feeds:

This section allows the student to view (list and calendar) all the activities they have posted on this platform and see if they have any comments or any like on them. Whenever a student’s post a journal, it is submitted for approval from their teacher. Students also have various others functionalities like a copy. edit, move to folder etc.

ii. Add New Journal:

This feature allows a student to create a new journal. While creating a new journal, the student has the option to upload a photo/video, create a drawing, add a file, notes, and links. After creating or uploading student can edit them as per their need.

iii. Activities:

Here in this section, a student can see all the activities which are assigned to them by their teacher and can complete them and submit back to the teacher for approval.

iv. Inbox:

This feature will allow the student to view all the messages/ announcement that is made by the teacher and along with this student have a notification section which allows them to see any notification. For e.g., If someone has liked or made a comment on their journal.

i. Home/ Feeds:

Here parents can list of feeds which include all the activities which are done by their child in a day. All the new feeds will be shown on the top and to view previous feeds parents can scroll the feed section. Parents also have the ability to like, make comment and share feeds.

ii. Journal:

This feature allows parents to view all the child they have added and can add a new child to track his/her day to day activity. To add a child, parents have either entered the URL scan the QR code of their child’s profile given by their child’s teacher. Parents can only see their child details and will not be able to access other profile in any way.

iii. inbox:

This feature will allow parents to view all the messages/ announcement that is made by the teacher and along with this parents have a notification section which allows them to see any notification to keep them up to date.

iv. Calendar:

This section will allow parents to view the school calendar and all the events that are in the school events.

v. Lunch Menu:

Here the parents will be able to see the lunch menu for a month which is uploaded by the school admin.

vi. Ticketing System:

The feature allows parents to raise a ticket which can be related to any issues or suggestion. The tickets raised are shared with school admin who is responsible to take the required action.

i. Journal:

This section allows the teacher to view (list and calendar) all the activities that are posted by the students. The teacher has the ability to approve/ reject a new journal. After approval, the teacher can share his comments, like the journal, assign a skill to it, move it to a folder etc.

ii. Create New:

: This feature will allow the teacher to add a new activity for the student, can post a journal (Image, video, drawing etc.) for students and can create an announcement for both parent and teacher.

iii. Activities:

Teacher can see all the activities which they have posted earlier for the students and post a new activity and once shared students will be able to see the activity details. All these activities are created by the system admin.

iv. Inbox:

This feature will allow teachers to view all the messages/ announcement that is made by them and along with this teacher have a notification section which allows them to see any notification to keep them up to date.

v. Skills:

This allows the teacher to create some skill set which can be later assigned to a student in their journal to view a student’s progress.

vi. Blog:

This feature allows the teacher to create their own blog on the system and these blogs can be shared by with the parents. While creating a blog, the teacher can give people the authority to comment on it or protect the blog with a password.

vii. Attendance:

Teacher can monitor the attendance of each student under them through this section of the system. For this features, we have integrated a third party tool called “Managebac”.

i. Dashboard & Analytics:

This section of the admin panel, allows admin to view all the updates which are done in the system. Also, admin can view analytics on various data with graphical representation.

ii. Manage Attendance & Terms:

: As a teacher, admin can also monitor all student’s attendance. Along with this, admin can also manage terms which means an admin can decide date/ durations of terms in an academic year.

iii. Curriculum:

This feature allows admin to manage the curriculum of all the classes and for each subject.

iv. Security Log:

This is a security feature as this allows admin to know who and when logged in the system. This benefits in reducing the unauthorized access.

v. Roles & Privileges:

Through this admin can assign a role to sub-admins, teacher, and another staff member.

and their Solutions
One of the major challenges was time as the client wanted to shift to their own system as soon as possible.

Developing a huge and complex system which involves various types of users was not an easy task. Our technical experts made the development plan in such a way that the dependencies of one feature don’t affect other. Also, we allocated a parallel developer team to meet the strict deadlines.

As the client was already another system, the other challenge was to import all the data from that to the system to ours.

To overcome this challenge, our team wrote customized scripts to access the data from other system and get it in our own system. Also, file doing this, we followed security protocol to protect the data from leaks. The other important point that team took care of was data duplicity and complete transfer.

Note: To transfer the data our team contacted the team of another tool to get data.

The technical challenge faced was on the drawing board. The challenge was student can edit whatever they have drawn of the drawing board earlier.

To overcome this challenge our team stored the value each thing drawn in text format along with their axis value. So that when a student wants to edit the drawing can be edited easily. Also to the value was stored for iPad with 2x ratio so that student can edit their drawing on both iPhone and iPad.

Another technical challenge was screen recording along with audio. Since the app is for iOS so their limitation from Apple.

For this, our developer integrated a frame which took a screenshot of every screen frames and combined them to make the video. Also, the developer managed to trigger the audio recorder in the background to record audio. The final output given by frame and audio recorder were combined to form a video.

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