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IOS, Android & Web

About Client
About Client
About Client

The Client of this project who hails from U.S.A is a persisting education enthusiast whose ambition is to incorporate new and advanced learning solutions into the ducation system to make it customizable according to the different learning potentials of each student.

Clients Vision and requirement

Our Client strongly believes in the fact that every individual is different and so is their learning capabilities.

So in order to facilitate people with educational differences to become competent and achieve success in academic, social and professional front, Our Client came up with the concept of an “Innovative Learning Solutions called ELS” that can be used parallely with everyday classroom teaching essentially in the schools of Texas, U.S.A.

After receiving huge acceptance by numerous schools, Our Client decided to make an online version of the software to make it available to those that had no access to ELS labs in their schools.

This is when they approached ChromeInfotech. It took our Client precisely 2 to 3 months to come a conclusion regarding which Development Company to approach for their project.

And finally, ChromeInfotech turned out be a more suitable preference because of our experience and expertise with Numerous Education related Projects. Our Client had a clear vision of what he wanted and expected from Us as a software solution providing company.

A detailed and distinct documentation was provided to us regarding the requirements of the Project.

Project Timeline and Initiation

It took ChromeInfotech around 15 to 18 months to complete the whole Project considering that the initial 45 days went by as the “Discovery Phase”

This phase consisted of 1 technical member, 1 business analyst and the Project Manager undergoing constant communication with Our Client to fix upon:


The plannings and strategies of the Project.


The plannings and strategies of the Project.


The probability of utilizing parts of the already available ELS software for the online version.

After going through this phase, We detected almost 200-300 bugs in their original education system. And majority of those were critical meaning they could lead to performance issues and crashing of the software. So We had to begin from scratch to develop an entirely new and upgraded online version of their education platform.

About Client
Tools and Techniques

ChromeInfotech adopted the Agile Methodology together with the Agile project management tool Jira.

A product developed by Atlassian, Jira is a tool used for tracking bugs, issues and for project management. ChromeInfotech made use of the Agile Methodology to structure the work and obtain a systematic approach.

It facilitates organization and prioritization of the project requirement, which allowed us to carry out the project smoothly without much haste. We organized our work into Epics, Stories and Tasks to improve efficiency of the development process.

  • Epics are large bodies of work.
  • Epics are broken down into smaller projects called stories.
  • Tasks are small technical work that are assigned to particular individuals.

This how ChromeInfotech managed to pull off such a Big Project within the estimated timeline and budget.

About Client
About Client
Supported Platforms

The educational tool was developed to support various platforms and devices such as:

  • Windows Desktop- Windows vista or newer
  • Macintosh Desktop-OS X 10.6.8 or newer
  • Devices supporting
  • Apple iPad
  • Android Tablets
  • Any Web supported device - Laptops, Notebooks,Chromebooks
Supported Platforms

ChromeInfotech assembled the digital education roll into such a wide range of platforms by strategic implementation of technologies like:

  • ASP.NET MVC framework for Windows
  • Cocoa Framework for Mac OS
Supported Platforms

This online learning tool requires you to subscribe either on a monthly basis or on half -yearly basis.

The subscription costs are :

  • 19 U.S. $ per month
  • 99 U.S. $ per 6 months
Supported Platforms
Noteworthy features that
characterizes ELSO as extraordinary
  • Going by the vision of Our Client, ChromeInfotech developed certain features that would allow the study programs to be customized according to a student’s learning capabilities and their individual needs.
  • This even includes features to select the color, theme and font style for every lesson as preferred by the student.
About Client
02.Multi-sensory (Audio-visual) Instructions
  • This digital education tool is meant to be interactive.
  • So ChromeInfotech incorporated learning instructions which the students can see and .also hear out loud.
About Client
03.Multilingual support
  • This learning software provides instructions in both english and spanish as desired by the student.
  • The preferences can be accessed through the settings page.
About Client
04.Speech detection
  • To further accelerate interactive learning, Our Client requested the development of a feature that facilitates students to respond verbally to any instruction or question.
  • This includes- Spelling, pronouncing, Repeating and Reading out words loud.
About Client
05.Continuous Progress Monitoring Framework
  • In order to evaluate and monitor the progress of a student, ChromeInfotech came up with a framework that systematically evaluates and recycles students until they master a particular practise lesson.
  • Evaluation is done through multiple checkpoints and progress reports are generated.
About Client
The Finished Output

ChromeInfotech successfully managed to hand over a full-fledged and functioning digital learning solution that truly surpassed the expectations of Our Client. We were able to justify every requirement of Our Client and mold it into a pristine online version of their original learning tool.

It turned out exactly as envisioned- An intricate and multi-faceted interactive online learning platform customizable according to a student’s needs.

The below video is a testimony to How spectacular the Learning platform turned out as
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