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Our Client of this Project belongs to the U.S.A and is an acclaimed Publisher and Author of Several best-selling Books centered around Kids. Being an ardent admirer of Technology, Our Client was always supportive of the idea of leveraging Digitization to impact Students’ Learning Capability.

Hence, leading to the inception of the Digital Learning Platform named “Published By Kids.” Moreover, Our Client was not new to the Software Development Sphere. He was already involved with the development of multiple Education related Software. Some of which were developed by Us At ChromeInfotech.

ServerClient’s Issues and DilemmasServer


Our Client’s vision was to merge Education with Digitization and come up with a Fun but effective way for Improving the Writing Skills of Students.

The idea was to build a Digital Platform encompassing the Interactive Aspects of Social Media which would Engage Students and motivate them to Write More.

Hence, helping them to Learn and Grow their skills.

    It was quite clear that Our Client’s Target Audience was Students and So the Plan was to:

  • Deploy the Platform on Public and Private Schools
  • Reach Out to Home Schooled Kids by collaborating with popular Retail stores like Walmart

Now Since, We already worked as the Tech Partner for some of Our Client’s previous Projects, And considering that all of them turned Out to be a huge success, ChromeInfotech was the obvious Choice for Our Client’s next Software development Project.

Features We implemented in this
Digital Learning Platform

Writing Tab

This feature presents Students the facility to choose the “Mode” and “Topics” of their Stories based on their grade.

It also provides special options like adding Stickers, Drawings, Photos, and even Spell-Check.

It comes with a Help button that provides guidelines regarding How To Write the Story.

features features features
Reviewing Portal

With this feature, Parents, Teachers, and Students can view and read Stories written by kids all around the World.

Users have the facility to Search Stories by:

  • Student’s Name
  • School Or Teacher’s Name
  • Story Name
  • Country
  • Topic/Mode
features features
3.Story Review
Invitation functionality

With this feature, Students can invite their Friends, Family, and Teachers to read their Stories and rate them.

They can send this request via text, Email or popular Platforms like Facebook.

4.Story rating and
feedback panel

This feature allows Classmates, teachers, family, and friends to rate Stories.

Rates are provided using a Writing Rubric Tool( On a Scale of 1 to 5) based on Common Core Standards(CCS).

Users can also leave comments on the Story if they wish to.

features features features
Push Notifications

Users instantly receive a push notification every time a friend posts a Story or rates their Story.

With this feature, Users can also See How many friends rated his/her Story and also How many new Stories have been Created by their friends.

viewing Panel

Using The View Rating tab, Students can view all the ratings of a particular Story.

This includes the Reviews, Average score, and Comments of a specific write up.

features features features
7. Story and Text Exporting

This Software provides Teachers the facility to export stories written by Students.

These Stories can then be checked for Plagiarism using TurnitInb.com.

8. Yearly e-book
creation facility

At the end of the year, all the stories written by a specific Student are collected and formed into an e-book.

This e-book is in the form of an ePub File and can be bought by the Parents.

While the School receives this file for free.

9. Hardcopy
publishing feature

Parents have the option of purchasing a hardbound copy containing all the Stories written by their Children for a year.

It comes with the name of the Student in the Front cover and also an “about the author page.”

This motivates Students to write more and more.

Challenges We Encountered and
Resolved during the Project

Challenge 1: Establishing Security of Data.

One of the significant concerns of Our Client was regarding the Security of the User's Personal Data. So We had to come up with a system without any vulnerabilities and which is firmly protected from any threat.

Our Solution:

To establish a Secure System, We strategically implemented various Security features like:

  • Data Encryption Algorithm- MD5 and Salt
  • HTTPs
  • File Transfer Protocols
Challenge 2: Achieving Scalability with an increase in Userbase.

Growth is the Ultimate objective of every Business and So was Our Client’s. So Our Client wanted software that can handle a massive workload without compromising on its speed and performance.

Our Solution:

Right from the very beginning of the Project, Scalability was one of Our significant concerns. So We designed the architecture such that it can quickly achieve Scalability as the Business Grows. Also, Our team of experienced developers strategically implemented technologies for the same.

These are:

  • Java
  • Swift
  • PHP- Yii Framework
Challenge 3: Providing Timely Support and Maintenance.

At ChromeInfotech, We believe that providing consistent support and maintenance plays a vital role in the success of the Software. In this particular case, this was a challenge for?Our team because of two reasons:

One- The Schools adopting the Software were already active and running. Any major issue in the Software would lead to inconvenience and a drop in Users.

Two- There was a massive difference in time-zones between the working hours of the Schools using this Software(in the U.S) and that of ChromeInfotech.

Our Solution:

Our dedicated and hard-working team was the reason that We overcame this Challenge. Our team worked in shifts and beyond office hours to cater to any issues stumbled upon by Our Client’s new Software. Also, adopting Patches to resolve issues temporarily played a significant role here. After providing a short term fix for the problem, We would later come up with a proper and permanent Solution.

Challenge 4: Effectively Coordinating With Our Client.

The huge difference in time zones was imposing a problem for Us to consistently communicate and coordinate with Our Clients and His team.

Our Solution:

Again, all Credit goes to Our committed Team and Manager. Every memeber of the team put in extra hours of work and worked in shifts to bridge the gap caused by time lag. We also made use of appropriate version contrling tools like GIT and SVN so that Our Client could keep track Of the progress as well as the changes made in the Source code.

Final Outcome

The Software has been successfully released and is getting along well in the Market. It has been adopted by numerous Schools as well as Home Schooled Students as a way to improve their writing skills.

Not only Students But teachers are also significantly benefitting from this platform. Teachers have found an effective way to save their time by automating assignments. The students using this platform have observed significant improvements in Writing Scores On Common Core Assessment tests.

So All in All, this Project of ChromeInfoetch was a success for Us as well as Our Client. Impressed with Our Quality of Work and Services, Our Client looks forward to repeating Business with Us in the near future.

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