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About Client’s Idea
Our client wanted an application to accomplish the idea of India’s Largest Private Medical Helpline System that further integrates with private ambulances accordingly. The main objective that was behind it was ‘to reduce the time an ambulance takes to reach a patient’. The current average time ranges from 15 minutes to 40 minutes for an ambulance to reach their respective locations. This app will be the answer to this issue of optimizing the ambulance timing according to the patient’s need. With the help of this huge network, we can match the patient to the closest hospital with the required facilities.
Working on the App

There are three perspectives to this app that are – Patient: who is in need of an Ambulance, Driver: who will pick-up the patient and drop at the nearest Hospital and Dispatcher: who will make the Booking request for the ambulance.

Below are mentioned the step-by- step procedure on how the application actually works in real- time:

Step1 - The process of this On-demand Ambulance app will begin once the call is made to the dispatcher.

Step2 - Then a request will be created at the hospital respective to the call.

Step3 - Based on the requirement and availability of the ambulance the request will be accepted or rejected.

Step4 - Once the request is accepted, the ambulance will reach the mentioned address to pick-up the patient.

Step5 - The next step will be to drop-off the patient at the hospital for medical assistance.

Step6 - Once the service request is complete the ambulance will be back on the StanPlus stand.

Project Prototype

At the first glance, this project seemed to be a piece of cake but as we dig deeper many complications were surfaced. All the debates lead us to one question:

How can we simplify the functionality while keeping the in-app navigation as convenient as possible for the Ambulance Drivers?

Initially, the idea was to create a Minimum Viable Product that puts the patients at ease by booking an ambulance for them in just a click or two. Similarly, we wanted to make sure that the driver won’t be puzzled in accepting the request and navigating to the exact location. The main challenge was to come up with most effective yet efficient features during the initial stages. Then adding other helpful features in the following stages.

For example, we did not intend to add the ‘Book Later’ option to the app as our goal was to make a Minimum Viable version of the app. But when compared to the real-world scenario, the Book Later option seemed to be realistic as well as a necessary requirement for the app. Because this feature will allow the user to reach hospitals for future doctor appointments.

We did not include the Driver Mapping option to multiple ambulance and QR code scanning in the very first version of our wireframes. But in the second version, we added these functionalities in the following iteration. To build a frictionless user experience requires quite a juggling of pros and cons of possibilities resulting in tons of meeting discussion at ChromeInfotech.

UX Mind Map

For better and clear visualization of our thoughts, we created a ‘Flow Diagram’ first on end-to- end Ambulance Booking System. Starting with the user calling the dispatcher at the center. Now the dispatcher will find the ambulances best suitable for the particular situation based on the category and facilities selected by the user. A request will be broadcasted then to all the shortlisted ambulances. Here, the driver can accept or rejects the request in a defined time-frame. If the driver rejects the request then the same request will be forwarded to the next nearest driver that is available in the loop. If a situation occurs where no driver is found then a notification will be sent back to the dispatcher.

Ambulance App Flow
Ambulance App Flow
Dispatcher App Flow
Dispatcher App Flow
Brand Identity

Here’s what we took into our consideration before creating a Brand Identity:

Idea of App functioning – To help people to book ambulance as easily as they book cabs from OLA and UBER.

Target Audience – Based on a recent study, that showed a total of 75% of the population uses their own personal vehicle to reach hospital instead of opting for an ambulance.
Approx 30% of the patients that are brought to hospitals by ambulance arrive dead.

Design Persona –Simple and Intuitive design with easy on eyes colors.

Technology Stack

Stan Plus is a mobile app that is based on the issue that requires to be solved. ChromeInfotech has successfully designed and developed an app that is highly interactive and efficient. Stan Plus provides 24/7 emergency medical transportation support and has raised $1.1 Million in Seed Funding.

Key App Screens – Dispatcher

Requesting Ambulance for Patient

Key App Screens – Driver

Driver accepting, picking patient and reaching destination