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About Client

The client of this Project belongs to the U.K. Our Client was already associated with another professional Software development firm for the development of this particular Software product. But Our Client was not satisfied with the Product as it had many issues. There were many bugs in the software, making it very unstable. Parts of the Project were yet to be completed and these issues were resulting in a delay in the deployment of the Complete software.

These challenges compelled Our Client to associate with a different Software development company. This was when Our Client approached ChromeInfotech after consulting other numerous development firms. Our Client found ChromeInfotech to be a more suitable preference and trusted Us to deliver a bug-free and high-performance software Product.

About Client
Ideation and Vision

Our Clients idea was unique. The idea was to build a full Customer and Job Management system specifically tailored to aid Gas Engineers. Gas Engineers are primarily required to do field-work.

Our Client wanted to aid Gas Engineers to save their time by building a one-stop Solution using which they can:

  • Manage jobs and Customers
  • Generate Safety reports and Certificates
  • Manage invoices
  • Notify customers
  • Manage finances

All of these at one Place.

The vision was to help Engineers boost their Business and increase their work efficiency with a Digital Solution.

ChromeInfotech played an essential part in transforming Our Clients idea and vision into a full- fledged Software.

  • We successfully fixed all the issues
  • We developed the complete back-end of the Software
  • We designed and implemented multiple features into the iOS and Android Apps
In fact, 3800+ Companies are now actively using this Software.
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About Client
We implemented in this Software
1) Easy creation of New Gas and Oil Certificates
Using this software, Users(Gas Engineers) can easily create:
  • Domestic and non-domestic Gas certificates for HomeOwners and Landlords
  • Domestic Oil certificates

Users can then either directly email the Certificates to their Customers to take a Print out of the document.

1) Easy creation of New Gas and Oil Certificates
2) Customer Management Panel
Users can manage and access all their Customer details and at one place. With this software, Gas Engineers can:
  • Edit Customer address and other personal details
  • View a complete history of services provided to a particular Customer
  • Track the invoices respective to a specific Customer
Customer Management Panel
3) Job Management Portal
This feature enables Users to:
  • Create New Jobs
  • Track Ongoing/Older Jobs
  • Track quotes
  • Prioritize their jobs

Such features help Users to Streamline their Jobs and carry them out efficiently.

Job Management Portal
4) Invoice Management Functionality
With this functionality, Users have the facility to:
  • Keep track of all the invoices at one place
  • View outstanding invoices
  • Keep a record of Paid invoices
Invoice Management Functionality
5) Inbuilt Calender
The built-in Calendar allows Users to easily:
  • Book new jobs
  • Track Jobs
  • Manage Jobs
  • View Job Status

Users need to select a specific date and time on the calendar to quickly create new jobs and events.

Inbuilt Calender
6) Ready to send Email Templates

With this feature, users can fix upon specific Email Templates to be sent to Customers.

So whenever Users need to send an email, they can pick up the appropriate template, put in the necessary details and they will be done.

Ready to send Email Templates
7) Automated Service Reminder Emails/SMS
This is one of the most time-saving features that also help Users to create more Business.

With this, Users can float Out timely service reminders to Customers through automated Emails/SMS. Users can customize When and How to send these reminders.

Automated Service Reminder Emails/SMS
8) Integration with Accounting Platforms
This software offers accounts integration with Platforms such as:
  • Xero
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Using this integration functionality, Users can save up their time and money on Taxes and other Finacial aspects.

Integration with Accounting Platforms
We Encountered and Resolved throughout the Project
Challenge 1: Implementing changes to an active system

Many users were actively using this software. So Our challenge was to come up with approaches to make required changes(add features, remove bugs, etc) to an already existing software without impacting the Users.

Our Solution:

Our team put in a lot of effort and time to make things right. They even worked beyond office hours to accommodate the required changes smoothly. We coordinated with the previous development Company to transfer knowledge about the Project. Also, the earlier Company wasn’t making use of any specific methodology.

So We at ChromeInfotech adopted the Agile Methodology which We could efficiently categorize
Our work into:

  • Epics: Large bodies of work.
  • Stories: Epics are broken down into smaller projects called stories.
  • Tasks: These are Small technical work assigned to particular individuals.

This gave us a more clear idea about Project Strategies and plans.

Challenge 2: Fixing bugs and implementing new features simultaneously in the iOS App.

The previous features of the iOS App were full of bugs and flaws. The Challenge was that Our job was to fix these bugs as well as implement new features into the iOS App.

Our Solution:

Again Agile Methodology helped Us a lot in efficiently managing the tasks of the Project. Another approach that We adopted was to Identify the issues and Prioritize them according to impact on Users. And then focus on fixing the bugs that were more critical to the Users. We also carried Out the Project tasks in “Sprints”- An integral aspect of Agile software development approach.

Another Solution that We implemented was to form two teams: One dedicated to fixing Bugs and the other to implement new features.

Challenge 3: Coordination with Our Client’s Technical Team

Our Client had an in-house Technical Team that was working along with ChromeInfotechs team. The issue was that two teams were working in two separate countries with a vast difference in time-zones. Since both the teams were working with the same source code, version control of codes was one of our top priorities.

Our Solution:

ChromeInfoetch houses a team that holds expertise in Code Versioning. Initially, Our team used SVN for Code versioning. SVN, also known as Apache Subversion is an open-source software versioning and revision control platform working under the Apache License. We later adopted GIT- One of the most significant free and open source code versioning tool. By using such Platforms, We were able to efficiently coordinate Our Work with the Client team and also track any change in the source code.

Challenge 4: Constant Support during Deployment

Throughout the Project( 2 years precisely), Builds were being created almost every 2 months. And every time new features were being deployed, Our team had to provide constant support 24X7 to ensure proper functioning of the new features in the already live Software. Although this phase would only last for 1 to 2, it was crucial that We provided constant and uninterrupted Support during that time.

Our Solution:

In order to provide constant Support, Our team worked over-time and even outside office hours. We also implemented Software Patches, which is a quick fix or a Temporary Solution to any Software issue. We would then later come up with a Permanent Solution for the same.

Final Outcome

We successfully delivered a robust Software that was clear of any Bugs or issues. Our Client was satisfied With the Software solution as well as Our Software development Services. The innovative Software is significantly helping Gas Engineers to enrich their Businesses. And as of Now, the Software boasts a trusted Userbase of more than 3800 Companies. Some of them being:

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Also, more than 3 million+ Certificates, invoices, records, and quotes have been issued By various Companies using this Software. You can have a look at How the final Product Turned Out:

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