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The Client of this Project is based out of Australia. Our Client was well established and successful in their line of Work which is Real Estate. Most parts of Our Client’s profession included management and coordination with the employees engaged in field work.

So in order to efficiently manage work, Our Client was using third-party software such as SmartSheets. It is cloud-based work management and collaboration tools using which one can efficiently manage their own and their employee’s work including:

And many more.

Task It Pro
Client Ideation and Vision

Taking inspiration from SmartSheets, Our Client laid down an idea for developing a:

“Field Service Tracking and Management Software”

Our Client Conceptualized the construction of a full-fledged software that would help enhance Business productivity by:

The vision was to Make each project or business activity simple and fruitful for all, that is:

Our Client was ambitious about pursuing this as his Second Business venture along with being a professional in the Real Estate Industry. It was during this time that Our Client associated with ChrmeInfotech and trusted Us to deliver the quality product as desired.

Client Ideation and Vision
Features We implemented in this software
Company/Manager Dashboard
1) Multi-Task Assigning and scheduling portal
  • Managers can allocate multiple tasks at a single time.
  • They can schedule and assign a timeline for each task.
  • Managers can also add instructions to be followed for eveJAUNTry task.
  • ChromeInfotech also incorporated a Gantt Chart to manage Project Schedules efficiently. It illustrates:
  • Allocated tasks in green
  • Completed tasks in red
  • Unallocated tasks in black
  • Active tasks in yellow
Multi-Task Assigning and scheduling portal
In-built Real-time time and task progress tracker
2) In-built Real-time time and task progress tracker

Employers can track and view the progress of an ongoing or completed task. They can view task photos updated by the field workers. Employers can even track the location of their field staff through integrated Google Maps.

3) Detailed Task Report viewing panel

Managers can create an electronic report of every field staff and can even print the record. They can also get individual task reports. These reports include a breakdown of reported hours.

Detailed Task Report viewing panel
Visual Mapping feature
4) Visual Mapping feature
  • ChromeInfotech integrated this software with a Google Map API.
  • With this, employers can view the locations of allocated tasks with:
  • Yellow pins for tasks in progress
  • Red pins for completed tasks
  • Managers can get full details of a task by clicking on the task name.
5) E-Attendance functionality
With this feature, employers can virtually capture their field workforces:
  • Daily attendance
  • Appraisals
  • Leaves
  • Salary
E-Attendance functionality
Employee/Staff Dashboard
1) Instant Notification and Alert for newly assigned tasks

Once a task is assigned, the respective field worker instantly gets a notification through their App. They can then view the task and its details.

Instant Notification
In-built Real-time time and task progress tracker
2) Real-time task progress Updating functionality
With this feature, a field worker can provide live updates about the progress of their work by:
  • Clicking on the START and STOP buttons to add hours.
  • Updating task images
  • Their Geolocation
  • Adding notes
  • Clicking on the Completed button once finished
3) Navigation Panel

With Google Maps functionality, field workforces can view directions to their task location.

Instant Notification
Customer Dashboard
Customer Dashboard

1.) Ticket raising functionality.

This feature facilitates Customers to raise any issue that they are facing or for performing a task.

2.) Real-time tracking of Fieldworker.

Using Google Map based GPS Services, Customers can track the geolocation of appointed field workers.

3.) Display panels with Field worker details.

Customers are notified and updated instantly with the details of the field workers to whom the task has been assigned.

Challenges We encountered and successfully
resolved during the project
Challenge 1: Narrowing down and Polishing up Our Client’s widespread ideas.

The domain of Our Client’s Project is very vast. It constitutes a wide range of services and aspects. The initial ideas and references provided by our Client were very vague and not specific.

Our Solution:

Our business Analyst team invested in a lot of time and effort to gain a fresh insight into the Project's domain and refine Our Client's ideas and vision. We performed detailed research of other software belonging to the same domain and referred to multiple use cases.

This phase itself took us a whole 2 months to complete. But in the end, We emerged out with a concrete idea and vision regarding the software.

Challenge 2: Presenting an Appealing and Engaging Gantt Chart.

Gantt Charts are a visual representation of Project plannings and generally hard to understand or comprehend. We needed to come up with a simple and understandable presentation for the same.

Our Solution:

ChromeInfotech tried and tested various third party Libraries/tools to obtain the perfect look and presentation. After several failed attempts which also included compatibility issues, We were able to acquire a Gantt Chart that represented Project schedules intuitively and appealingly.

Challenge 3: Timely Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated development team and Our Manager put in a lot of efforts to accomplish this. They worked in shifts and sometimes even beyond working hours to accommodate Our Client's software with constant support.

We also deployed short term and temporary solutions for any issue( known as patching). This helped us to take control of a situation for the time being and then eventually come up with a proper and permanent solution.

Final Outcome

After overcoming all the challenges, We were able to successfully come up with a Robust, High performing and Bug-free “Field Service Management Software.” We took into account all Our Client’s requirements and delivered a product which satisfied all the expectations of Our Client.

As a result, We built a long-lasting and trusted relationship with Our Client with Prospects of repeating business in the future.

Have a look at the below video and see for yourself how the final product turned out. Result
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