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The Client of this Project belongs to the U.S.A. Our Client Owned a number of Retail shops with Fresh Produce( Fruits and Vegetables) as one of its selling divisions. And as a result, Our Client had tie-ups with numerous Farm Owners and Growers.

After many years of being associated with the Farming Industry, Our Client noticed that the Farm Owners were still using Conventional techniques to manage and keep track of various Farming activities. These included pen and paper methods and maintaining excel files.

But manual and paper/excel records were causing inconveniences to Growers and often leading to a massive loss in yield and productivity.

Client Idea and Requirements

Our Client wanted to help The Farm Owners and come up with a Solution to make everyday Farming tasks more efficient and profitable. And after getting to know about the benefits of the emerging AgTech trend, Our Client came up with the Idea of leveraging Technology to build a Farm Management and Tracking Software.

Our Clients Vision was not only to help Growers, but also to transform this Idea into a new and Successful Business Venture. So the idea was to build a Software product to Enhance Productivity and which is also customizable to the requirements of Small as well as Large Scale Farming Facilities.

Our Client’s requirement was to build an all-inclusive Software that can be used to manage and track every aspect of Farming such as:

  • Track Productivity
  • Keep accurate Records
  • Analyze Data
  • Measure Performance
  • Monitor Production Costs
  • Track Worker’s status and activity
  • Logistics Monitoring

And Many More

Another requirement was to Build a Software that focuses on Safe Farming practices by adhering to the norms and regularizations set by various Food Safety Organizations.

This was when Our Client approached ChromeInfotech. After a few interactive and consultancy sessions, Our Client found Us to be a reliable software development Company and trusted Us to transform his Idea into a full-fledged and Profitable Software Application that can help make farming more productive and efficient.

Features We implemented
in this Software
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Real-time Spray (chemicals) Application Monitoring

This feature can be used to monitor information regarding Spray application including:

  • What type of chemicals are applied?
  • When are the chemicals applied( date and timing)?
  • Where are the chemicals sprayed?
  • Who applied those chemicals?

By using this, Farm owners can review Real-time data as well as the History of Spray Application. It also automatically calculates the chemical amounts required along with the tank size for each application.

Farm owners also have the facility to customize tank mixes and save them for future use.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Spray Scheduling functionality

Using this functionality, Users can create and repeat Schedules for Spray Application.

The Schedules can then be e-mailed to Technicians or on-field workers.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Automated PHI and RHI calculations

This feature provides an automatically calculates crucial aspects of Spray application like:

  • Withholding Period
  • Pre-Harvest Intervals
  • Re-entry Intervals
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Real-time Chemical Tracking

Based on your Spray Application and purchase records, this software automatically maintains an updated inventory of your Chemicals.

This helps to analyze and manage Chemical Usage and Costs easily.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Customized list of Chemicals

Using this feature, a Farm Owner can Create a list of necessary Chemicals for Spray Application. The List can be customized as per need.

This software is also integrated with a Database of 190+ Chemicals which is regularly updated.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Harvest Yield Recording and Tracking

Using this feature, Users/workers/farm owners can record Real-time Harvest details and Field-packing events. One can record and keep track of the following :

  • Harvest Start Date
  • Harvest End date
  • Weather conditions
  • Crop Condition
  • Harvest Method
  • Area of Harvest
  • Harvest allocated for shipping

And many more.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Produce Packaging Management Panel

With this Panel, A farm Owner can easily monitor and analyze all aspects of the packaging process such as Cost, Inventory, etc.

It can be used to maintain records of the quantity and the type of Packing material used for processing Produce. Users also get the facility to decide on the type of Packaging Material and Print a variety of pallet/case tags.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Storage Management Panel

Using this feature, farm Owners can record and view information about stored Products such as:

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Age
  • Location
  • Grade

Also, it automatically generates detailed Storage Inventory Reports, making it easy to trace any misplaced products.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Storage Assistance

This feature records various information about storage units such as:

  • Aisle
  • Row
  • Capacity
  • Rack

It can be used to determine the best procedure and practices for filling up a Storage space to maximize the effectiveness of Storage.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Sales and Shipping Management Functionality

This Software is integrated with a feature that allows a Farm Owner to Manage and track Sales & Shipping of Produce from its ordering and shipping to invoices. It can be used to:

  • Record and track shipping details
  • Generate and print Shipping labels, receipts, and waybills
  • Plan and optimize load building
  • Synchronize transactions by connecting with other users of this software.
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Automated Real-time and Scheduled Report Generation

We integrated this Software with functionality that automatically generates 30+ different types of reports, some of which are:

This information includes:

  • Chemical usage reports
  • Production reports
  • Employee reports
  • Global GAP reports
  • Irrigation reports
  • Financial reports

A Farm Owner also has the facility to generate reports in real-time or schedule it at a different date and time. These reports are presented in a way that is easy to understand and using which Farm Owners can quickly analyze various data.

The various types of reports can assist and improve decision making leading to increased productivity.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Real-time Employee Management panel

With this panel, A farm Owner can manage all the Information of every Employee at one single Place. A Farm Owner can use this feature to track and record the Real-time Employee records such as:

  • Work Hours Assigned
  • Total Work Hours Completed
  • Work Activites Assigned
  • Total tasks completed

It can also be used to generate and assign a unique ID to each employee. Moreover, it provides the functionality to print Employee Identification card with QR codes for easy entry and exit into the Farming Institution.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Employee Work Schedule Management

TUsing this feature, a Farm Owner can easily create and edit the work Schedule of an Employee.

This schedule can then be printed or e-mailed to the respective Employee.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Employee Payment Management

With this functionality, a Farm Owner can easily Create and Save different payment modules. This feature eliminates any requirement of manual calculations.

Once an employee is assigned with a payment model, the software automatically calculates the amount to be paid.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Employee Attendance Monitoring

This Software is integrated with functionality that automatically records the In and Out times of an employee by Scanning employee ID pass.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Employee Safety Management:

In Farming and agriculture, there are specific periods when it is not safe to enter the premises of the fields. So We implemented features in this Software that automatically calculates the date and time when it is safe for the employees to enter the fields.

It sends a notification (SMS and email) to the Farm Owner when:

  • The Pre-harvest Interval(PHI) period ends.
  • Employees enter hazardous areas.
Challenges We Encountered and
Resolved during the Project
Challenge 1:
Polishing Our Client’s vague idea into a well-defined and viable one

Our Client was not tech-savvy, and this was his first step into Software development. So the Idea that Our Client came to Us with was very unclear and undefined. Also, Our Client was uncertain about How viable or practically feasible the idea was. So the first Challenge that we faced was to polish the idea and Validate it.

Our Solution:

Our Business Analyst team carried Out extensive Research and carried out Discovery Phase and Proof Of Concept(POC). With this, We were not only able to shape up a defined idea but also come up with enough proof to ensure Our Client about the viability of the Idea. We provided validation regarding the fact that the Idea holds potential to be transformed into a Profitable Business Software and will function as envisioned.

Challenge 2:
Building a Scalable Software

Now Our Client’s ambition was to build up a Profitable Business Venture out of this Software Product. So it was vital that We developed a Software that can handle an increased workload with an increase in Users.

Our Solution:

The Solution was to design the architecture in such a way that the Software is easily scalable as per business growth. We also strategically implemented Selective technologies that support Scalability. Moreover, at ChromeInfotech We adopt Agile Methodology in Our Projects which also lend a helping hand in efficiently developing a Scalable Software.

Challenge 3:
Establishing Security of Farm data

Another challenge was the safety and Security of the data in the Software. Since the Software would hold a large amount of business-sensitive data of various Farming Institutions, Our Client was highly concerned about Data security and so were We.

Our Solution:

First of all, to ensure that there’s no loss of data, We implemented a custom-designed solution that carries out automated backup every 2 hours. And Secondly, to protect data from being breached, We implemented various security measures like:

  • FTP
  • Encryption algorithms like MD5 and Salt
Challenge 4:
Integrating different types of reports with an easily understandable format

One of the challenges that we faced was regarding the generation of different kinds of Reports. The first challenge was to figure out the type of reports that will benefit the Farm Owners. And the second challenge was to optimize the Reports so that they are easy to understand.

Our Solution:

To figure Out the types of Reports, Our Business Analysts team along with Our Project Manager carried Out extensive Research. They conducted Market research and analyzed similar Software Products to conclude what type of reports would best suit the purpose of this Software.

Our Client also had a significant role to play in this. Our Client guided us and assisted in this phase to ensure that every Report type adheres to the Food safety and Economic regulations of the U.S. Now to make the Reports simple and easy to read, We designed different layouts for each type of Report.

Our expert UI designers and developers optimized the layouts of every Report so that even a sophisticated one becomes easy to understand.

Final Outcome

Although We had to face many Challenges throughout the Project, We emerged Out at the other end successfully. We developed a full-fledged Farm Management Software System(for both Mobile and Desktop) that encompasses all the requirements of Our Client.

ChromeInfotech successfully delivered a Software that fulfilled both visions of Our Client:

One- It is helping Farm Owners boost their profits and revenues. &

Two- With time, more and more Farm Owners are adopting this software into their Farming ecosystem. So it is evident that this emerged as a Profitable Business Venture as envisioned by Our Client.

Our Client was completely Satisfied with Our Services and the Product that We delivered. And Hence, referred ChromeInfotech, as a trustable Software development Company to many of his Business associates.

To Conclude,
This was one of the fruitful Farming and Agriculture based Project undertaken by ChromeInfotech that ended up in Happy and Satisfied faces.

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