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    Car Compare App(Automobile)

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    App Design & Development

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About Automotive

Automotive is a car search venture that helps user to buy new cars or used car that are right for them. Its app carries rich automotive content such as detailed specs and prices, comparisons as well as videos and pictures of all car brands and models.

Automotive has many innovative features to ensure that users get an immersive experience of the car model before they view the car in showrooms. These include a 360-degree interior/exterior views with sounds of the car and explanations of features with videos.

The platform also has used car classifieds wherein users can find used cars for buying from used car dealers.

How did it start

The client has car dealership business with the franchise of many automobile brands. So, the client wanted to make their presence at the fingertips of each person through which they could not only increase their sales but also give their customer an option to get all the information whenever they need.

Another reason behind the idea was to grow business with respect to the competitors as there was no other app in the market which allowed car buyer or car owners to know about the car or gave them the ability to schedule their appointment.


The Goal

The various goals behind the Automotive App were

To build a bridge between car buyer or owners and the car dealerships for a fruitful relationship.

To give convenience to car owner to schedule their service appointment easily and let them what maintenance their car needs.

To give the buyer an opportunity to review car they are looking buy without visiting the car showroom.

To make an app which gives all the ability to car owner or buyer like

Schedule Service
Book Test Drive
Gets Roadside Assistance
Car Comparison
Loan calculator

Challenges & Solution

The client was already using a system using .Net technology and Oracle database. The existing system had thousands of private data which have to be kept safely and the system was running on old technology.

Our technical expertise, wrote various data transferring script which transferred data from their existing database to new database as and when required.

While writing the scripts, the technical expert had to focus on each and every field of existing database so that none of the data is lost in this transfer.

This was one of the major challenge as time was limited and gathering requirement was very important. So we took few steps to overcome this as mentioned below

  • We first made a plan, where we covered what shall be done on what date.
  • Along with the plan, we also checked whose dependency is required from client’s end.
  • So that these people are present whenever their presence is required.
  • We scheduled meeting every 3rd day to showcase the requirement gathered and to get client approval.
  • Sent regular updated to client in the form of Weekly Status Report and which informed client about the action items pending from their end.

This was quite tough challenge as the expectation of the client was very high. To meet the client’s expectation, we followed these steps:

  • First step was to freeze the colour theme of the app as client was not sure with which colours to go with.
  • Represented 3 different styles layout of some major screens of the app to the client and understood their feedback.
  • Based on the feedback, made relevant changes and combined two layouts to bring a new layout which was approved by client.
    • Note: During designs, the designer also focused on guidelines given by iOS and Android.

Here, the challenge was to show the available timeslot to app user to book service or test drive. So, to overcome this we gave functionality to Service Manager or Sales Manager to manage availability. So that they don’t disappoint their customer.

The other point was sometimes when a booking that was made out of the app has been cancelled, then service manager or sales manager can quickly update the availability in the app. Through this none of time slots is wasted.

Data privacy is top priority of the user when they want to use a mobile app. So keep our user’s data safe, we took following measures

  • To keep the data secure, we used AES algorithm for the data encryption.
  • In the app we gave functionality like Fingerprint Login or Login by Face Detection (only for devices which have this as pre-built feature).
  • User profile was verified twice before they could see the car information. This step was taken to avoid the miss use of vehicle information.

What We Did

Our Business Analyst team did the intense competitive analysis and spent time onsite to understand the client expectation before creating the wireframes. After which, our team created the wireframes to get the pictorial representation of the overall system and to get a better view of its flow with the approval of the client.

This was the most important phase, as the client expectation were really high. Our UI designer had long discussions with the client team to understand their taste and preference and presented them various designs layout to get best out of all. “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! - Milton Glaser”

Technology Used

  • ios
  • android
  • swift
  • html-5
  • java
  • angularjs
  • php
  • nodc-js


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