Wearable Expertise
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Wearable Applications Development

We have a grasp on the wearable industry

ChromeInfotech is leading in delivering excellence through our IT solution to clients worldwide. Our team consists of professionals who are experts in their respective domains and are capable of taking incredible challenges. To chose an app development company is not an easy task especially when it's wearable apps that we are talking about. Wearable applications are different from the smartphones apps as they are complex to make due to the small screen size of the wearable devices. But we at ChromeInfotech are ever ready for challenges!

Simple Yet Smart DESIGN As first impression is everything so we create visual magic by blending colors

Problems we solve with our wearable apps

There are a lot of issues which can occur when an app is developed for a real estate as small as that on a wearable. However, with our expertise and hands on experience, we have found solutions for these common issues – Inadequate Information on Ideal Features and Interactions Development
  • Limitations in Wearable Platforms
  • Restricted App Functionality
  • Poor Tooling and Documentations
  • UI/UX and animation limitations
  • Everything in a very compact size
  • Time Intensive Development
  • Lengthy Troubleshooting Processes

We support your business by overcoming various challenges

With wearables like Google Glass, Android Wear, Apple Watch and many more the scope for wearable app development is also evolving. According to the latest reports, it has been estimated that the Wearable Technology market will be worth more than $12 Billion. And that's not it, this wearable application technology is now opening the doors to the medical field as well.

The wearable apps can run directly on a smartwatch, giving the user the access to hardware elements such as GPU and the sensors. These wearable applications are somehow similar to the other apps but they differ in the functionalities as well as design which arises many challenges in the seamless communication between the user and the app. With the continuous changing phase of the technology with updations, the native mobile apps are now being developed for wearable devices. The Wearable Technology is what the future generation will be using mainly.

  • Apple WatchKit SDK – For iOS supporting wearable devices
  • Android Wear SDK. For Android supporting wearable devices
  • iBeacon (BLE)- Bluetooth Low Energy
Our Technical Expertise
  • Cloud Implantations for faster Delivery
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Firmware development expertise