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Over the years, 'Internet of Things' has grown with a rapid velocity and has evolved itself into the mainstream feed. IoT holds a huge potential and power can impact every corner of technology, enterprises, as well as consumer behaviors. So, with IoT on-board, the organizations will have a much higher capability to control and monitor the consumer objectives via the devices and applications by using sensor mechanisms. Businesses adapting to 'Internet of Things' will have a higher probability of an exponential growth in the IT industry further resulting in an expansion of revenue.

The whole concept of IoT depends on a combined host of technologies including application programming interfaces (APIs) that are used to connect devices to the Internet. Some of the other key technologies such as RFID i.e. Radio Frequency Identification, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Big Data Management Tools, Cloud Integration, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. Unlock your business true potential with IoT as the future is the Internet of Things.

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Business opportunities arising out of IoT

IoT will provide far ranging benefits for businesses irrespective of their size or business volume. One such benefit is supply chain visibility. RFID tags will improve visibility of goods (even in remote areas) which will help in forecasting supply chain disruptions almost immediately. Customer service is another avenue which is expected to change once IoT kicks in. For example, utility companies will be able to improve customer loyalty by providing real time information of outages. Similarly, IoT will help the customer to control their appliances from a remote location.

Challenges arising out of IoT

The biggest challenge is the quantum of data involved. Interconnected sensors will mine a treasure trove of data for businesses to analyze. Sending data over the net can be really costly for enterprises therefore they are moving to in memory computing to analyze data at the point of contact (sensors) itself.

Security is going to be a big buzzword as businesses move to IoT. Since customer data will be involved, businesses will have to invest in best in-class security systems to keep information safe.

  • Connected home appliances
  • Google Glass
  • Cattle tagging
  • Geo Fencing
  • Smart Thermostat
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  • Farm Lands
  • Wearable Fitness Tracker
  • Digital Heart Rate Sensors
  • Mobile Keyless Entry