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Creating Digital Transformation with Innovative Frameworks

When clients come to us for developing their applications done on PHP frameworks, we realize how strong and how steadfast the code is – robust, scalable and secure. It is still one of the best choice among our clients. PHP was groundbreaking when it was released, but the language has not lost steam and remains one of the most widely used, mature server-side languages on the web.

At ChromeInfotech we have an edge in PHP with expertise in modern frameworks that make developing with it easier and more powerful.

Simple Yet Smart DESIGN As first impression is everything so we create visual magic by blending colors


With lots of built-in functionality, CakePHP is an MVC and ORM framework well suited for small to medium applications for business, shopping, and entertainment industries. It requires knowledge of PHP and OOP, but it’s simple with compliant code structures.


A next-generation PHP framework built off the best practices of previous frameworks, FuelPHP is a simple, flexible MVC framework.
Zend This highly literate framework is tailored to industries like shopping, automotive, and business. Like Symfony, this is one framework that will require a lot more up-front work to get running. It works well for apps ranging from medium to large in scope.


An MVC framework tailored to business, travel, and shopping applications ranging from small,to big, and complex. It’s flexible, simple to learn, and only requires basic OOP understanding and knowledge of PHP.


This heavy-duty framework is great for projects of any size, and it’s easier to learn than Zend or Symfony, requiring knowledge of PHP and OOP. Bringing the best of the Ruby on Rails app, it has unprecedented security options, supports caching, works well with AJAX, and features SQL injection.


Speed is Laravel’s selling point. With great, integrated testing support, this MVC framework helps you get clean apps out the door fast on a deadline.

  • Laravel
  • Phalcon
  • Symphony
  • Codeigniter
  • Zend
Most used PHP Frameworks
  • FuelPHP
  • Cake PHP
  • Slim
  • Phpixie
  • Aura