We Generate Insights That Works Best For You

Today, Mobile apps have become the “Go-Forward” strategy for Businesses in terms of marketing, branding and return on Investments. In such a global competitive environment, where every company -be it startup

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We help companies generate useful data based on customers behavior on various platforms. This helps create better personalized user experience

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We believe in creating future ready solutions, for industry leaders who are innovative in their thinking - taking services to the next generation.


Data gives insights which has the power to change business and sucess models. With our analytics ability we make it happen.


The adoption of application-oriented architecture is the need of the houre, and we make you ready for te same

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Taking Businesses Forward with Useful Customer Insights

We at ChromeInfotech helps businesses take the advantage of Analytics, and drive growth through the way of big data, business intelligence and analysis of multi structure high volume datasets. Our Services is infused with cutting-edge, innovative algorithms that can help you solve even your most intractable problems and make the best decisions possible.

Today, we have technologies like Hadoop, for example, that make it functionally practical to access a tremendous amount of data, and then extract value from it. The availability of lower-cost hardware makes it easier and more feasible to retrieve and process information, quickly and at lower costs than ever before17. It is the convergence of several trends—more data and less expensive, faster hardware—that’s driving this transformation. The concept of analytics has been around for decades for firms that have been handling tons of transactional data over the years—even dating back to the mainframe era. The world is moving from ‘Traditional analytics’ to ‘Predictive analytics’ and now increasingly towards ‘Prescriptive analytics’ (where the decisions are driven by predictive models using business rules engines to help the companies to decide the “next best action”)

We Generate Insights That Works Best For You

We are witnessing the use of analytics in multiple industries. Companies are using analytics for everything from driving growth to reducing cost improving operational excellence to recruiting better people to completely transforming their business strategy. More recently, national and local governments across the world have started using analytics for optimizing public welfare programs, reducing traffic congestion in their cities and fighting crime.

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We are Experts of the following Third Party Analytics Framework

Google Analytics Google Analytics
Flurry Flurry
AWStats AWStats
Webalizer Webalizer
Localytics Localytics
Adobe Analytics Adobe Analytics