As evident, it’s high time; Businesses can start capitalizing this market by developing awe-inspiring wearable device application, enhancing ROIs and growth. And availability of app will make more sense for the users to buy Wearables; A win-win situation at both the ends. Major Key players in the market have already realized the potentials, and are investing in wearable device application. It’s time you join the league and drive your business success.


Wearable Devices Apps

Wearable App Development problems we help you overcome

Wearables are the new buzzword trending in disruptive technology, opening up enormous opportunities for product innovation. The market for app development for wearable devices is quite new, different and exciting. Several prominent wearable devices are seen hitting the market every new quarter – Samsung Galaxy Gear, Pebble Smartwatch, Google Glass etc. But one thing that is pulling back the usage and adoption curve is “lack of apps”.

Simple Yet Smart DESIGN As first impression is everything so we create visual magic by blending colors
ChromeInfotech – Helping businesses overcome challenges in wearable development
  • Inadequate Information on Ideal Features and Interactions Development
  • How to design for Wearables
  • It cannot be just an extension of your phone app
  • Limitations in Wearable Platforms
  • Restricted App Functionality
  • Poor Tooling and Documentations
  • UI/UX and animation limitations
  • Everything in a very compact size
  • Time Intensive Development
  • Lengthy Troubleshooting Processes

Invest in us for your next Wearable App

Chrome Infotech is a leading name in delivering mobility solutions to clients all across the globe. Our expertise in Wearable Technology is a result of extensive market research and app exploration. We believe in innovating, and to achieve this we extensively delve into new disruptors of technology. Wearable Devices Application development is a very new and different market, where businesses can completely rely on us. We have a keen understanding of the Wearable platforms, helping our clients create beautiful, amazing and powerful wearable apps.

  • We Do Extensive Market Research to identify Working Design and Functionalities
  • Experienced in Major Usability standards and Use Cases
  • Creating a structured end-user experience.
  • Wearable device + Smartphone Adaptive approach
  • Implementing Correct Security Steps, safeguarding Data and Information
Our Technical Expertise
  • Comprehend Problems with Our Creative Thinking
  • Passive data collection and speech-focused commands
  • We keep user interactions basic and fast; Up to Micro Minutes
  • Integrating Cloud Solutions for Faster Data Delivery
  • Well Versed on Cross Platform App Development, Supporting all Devices