iPhones Are Selling Hot – It’s Time You Hire iOS App Developers

Sale of iPhones has crossed tens of millions, and thus it has become critical for businesses to furnish the requirement of their customers on the iPhone. Companies are aggressively investing their time and money in developing iOS apps – which is the core operating system of iPhones. Now, why is iOS app development becoming more and more ubiquitous? Why has it become so important for businesses worldwide to look for skilled and proficient iOS app developers who can help them create game-changing apps?

Who Are “Skilled iOS App Developer”?

IOS Development

Right Icon Who Have Work Expertise on iOS Latest Versions and Release

Right Icon Skilled in developing iOS Apps for all Major Apple Devices – iPhone/iPad

Right Icon Experts in creating apps for Wearable , i-Beacons, Apple watch

Right Icon Have technical expertise in WatchKit, Looks, Glances ( Widgets) and WatchKit Apps

Right Icon Proficiency in Security and App data Safeguarding

Right Icon Skilled in iOS extending location-based services with Bluetooth low energy (BLE).

Right Icon Geo-Fencing and Crowd-Sourcing Technology Experts

Right Icon Creators of Platform-Optimized and Exploitative Apps

And They Are With Us! The Perfect iOS App Developers Team – Working For You

ChromeInfotech is the Market-Leading iOS App Development Company, helping clients discovered fast and cross sale targets even faster. Business leaders and large-scale enterprises have always found reliability and confidence in our committed team of iOS App Developers – because we build trust. Standing on a decade of experience, we have helped our clients increase the quality of their iOS applications – reducing cost and maximizing ROI. Our global clientele includes innovative start-ups, SMEs and Fortune 500 Enterprises.

What is our iOS App Development Process?

The Development Phase

  • Detailed Requirement Gathering
  • Work on Latest iOS version 9 and Releases
  • Experience Based Identification of Best App Development Approach
  • Xcode 7.1 & 7.2 with latest IDE updates
  • Multi Screen App development
  • Optimizing for Various Screen Sizes
  • Simultaneous Testing Approach with Android Emulators & Real-Time Devices
  • Admin Panel Based on Requirement
  • Handling Of Complex Database and Design
  • Agile Workflow

Experience in Developing iOS App in Following Verticals

  • “One-stop shop” for providing dedicated resources for all your iOS App Development needs.
  • Proven Methodology with Agile development
  • Engaging UI/ UX best Suited for Latest iOS Platforms
  • Ensuring Best Practices and Quality Standards
  • Robust and scalable architecture
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Strong technology competency with expert iOS App Developers
  • Stringent security standards
  • Cost Effective


  • Following Standards for Quality Assurance
  • Manual Testing with Vast Test Cases Coverage
  • Automation Testing – Using Appium Tool, an Open Source tool supporting Java
  • Maintaining Bug Tracking Report – JIRA, Unfuddle
  • Version Control with Github