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“Go Digital” being the new buzzword, disruptive technologies are on the rise – transforming the way we live and do business. One such driving innovation is– iBeacon, which as a name needs no introduction today. iBeacon App Development has displayed the possibility of reimagining the retail sector, improving in-store digital experiences; shoppers’ perception and expectations. This Apple’s proximity based technology is helping brands reshaping their reach, growth and revenue. iBeacon development popularity is exponentially increasing, with some of the top brands already realizing their business goals.


Ibeacon App Development

iBeacon – Changing how users interact

Beacons continuously fetch user location (based on its proximity with beacons) and store it in the database. User demographics, behavior, history, etc. are fetched from earlier activities stored in the database and users’ social media accounts that can further be used to generate valuable customer insights and take relevant actions such as push special offers, offer discounts, advertise, etc.

It’s all about digitally empowering your customers for their convenience and at same time. A few key features being offered in retail sector using beacons are:

  • Personalized engagement based on Proximity
  • Indoor positioning and in-store navigation
  • Delivery of contextually relevant content
  • Exclusive offers and promotions directed to Your Customers at the right time
  • Ability to customize engagement based on data related to customer’s movement and time spent in a particular area
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ChromeInfotech – Creating and Deploying iBeacon experiences
  • Discount offer Notifications
  • Mobile Payment
  • Indoor, Outdoor Maps and Navigation
  • Heart Rate Measurement using BLE Sensors
  • Proximity Based Deals/ Coupon App
  • BLE / Beacon Based City Tour Guide App
  • Real time Analytics of Consumer Behavior
  • Vehicles like Trucks , Cars etc. Tracking
  • Streamline Business Practices
  • Temperature & Humidity Measurement using BLE Sensors
  • BLE/iBeacon based Museum Application

Our iBeacon Solutions to the world

Chrome Infotech is the leading iBeacon App Development Company, helping businesses defining their marketing and customer acquisition strategies. Our team of expert developers and strategists enables brands to upshot their customer engagement, sales and service through iBeacons. We have been helping companies across the industry verticals, leveraging these tiny masterpieces to create an everlasting customer experience.

Our iBeacon App Development goes agile with you, helping your business accelerate in terms of growth, expansion and innovative breakthroughs. We have a complete portfolio of iBeacon Development services and solutions that offers enterprise-grade scalability, productivity and performance.

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