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In the competition to win the mobility war, every business is investing in developing mobile apps – helping them generate revenues, visibility and growth. But what affects their development strategy is – a twofold concern – Cost and Complexity. There are several methodologies to develop mobile applications that are way too costly, like native development; building separately for different platforms and devices. It’s a big question for startups and SMEs to bear such huge costs. Also, the complexity of the development process is really high and you need only experts to accomplish - an increased cost overhead.


Html5 Development

The rise in HTML 5 App Development

In the current scenario when the number of frameworks supporting HTM 5 App Development are emerging in the industry by manifold, the method is gaining high traction from the developers and in its demand a like. Ideal for cross platform app development, we have been helping budget conscious businesses globally with an app that promises simplicity at extremely low cost of development.

Other than offline support, we add semantic elements along with a number of new APIs that support geo-location services, local caching, and several drag and drop features. Our HTML 5 App Developers have an in depth understanding of both functional programming and asynchronous operations that are needed to make an app that runs everywhere on one code.

Our developers understand the challenges that HTML 5 based apps come with, but with their year of experience they have now been able to develop high performance apps for varied industry types.

Simple Yet SmartDESIGN As first impression is everything so we create visual magic by blending colors

The Powerful Alternative to Native App Development – HTML5

HTML5 Mobile App Development is turning out to be one of the most powerful and feature-rich tools to develop mobile as well as web applications. HTML5 is the main domain for most of the cross platform application development tools such as Apache Cordova, Rhodes and many others. The key to success of the HTML5 app development services is the amount of flexibility that it gives in features such as UI, development, using scripts, and others.

The Team of Experts

  • Single utility with multiple features
  • Inclusion of Robust Features Lists
  • Cross-linking user interfaces can be produced in spite of giving add-on features within the application.
  • Easy Deployment of HTML apps using open-source JavaScript tools while launching the app
  • Native apps have various policies and terms-conditions to be followed before going live, HTML5 App
  • development mitigates App rejection
  • HTML5 is among the most popular tools that is used by many programmers
  • Easy availability of Resources
  • Highly Cost-Efficient

We Help Companies in HTML5 App Development – The Cost-Efficient Alternative for Apps

ChromeInfotech is the recognized HTML5 App development Company, helping growing SMEs and Enterprises outstrip the Market Competition. We have a deep expertise in HTML5 Mobile App development blended with best-in-class product lifecycle management. Our dedication and business intelligence make us one of the most preferred technology partners across the globe. We believe in integrating innovation with tailored technology to help businesses facilitate superior mobility experiences.

  • GPS Based Real Time Applications
  • Enterprise Application
  • Address Book Based Applications
  • In App Purchase, Push Notifications
  • Barcode/QR code Scanner based Applications
  • Web-based Mobile Applications
Verticals Where We Have Reshaped the Possibilities
  • Location based Applications
  • Finance/Banking Applications
  • Calendar based Applications
  • Video/Audio Streaming Applications
  • Social Networking (Facebook/Twitter)
  • City guide/ Compass Based Apps