Enterprise mobile applications help a business simplify its process for both its employees and vendors. There are a number of processes involved in the daily operation of a business, which can get complicated if done of a variety of devices or platforms. Mobile Solutions for Enterprise aims at bringing all of the processes in a much simpler and concentrated form to the companies who have a series of interactions every day. These apps, at times, can also be expected to integrate with other applications to give a uniformed service.


Enterprise Mobile App Development Company

What we offer to the Enterprise Mobile Industry

For many years, we have been crafting, developing and launching a series of enterprise apps, all performing different functions, such as -customer relationship management, payment processing system, business intelligence system, content management system, HR management system, and automated billing system, amongst others which earned ChromeInfotech a spot in the list of enterprise software companies.

We build innovative and effective enterprise applications for both iOS and Android that help companies interact with their vendors and customers through a direct platform. Also, we ensure that our app only has specific features so as to eliminate noise from the mesh of services. Our enterprise apps are developed through the process that supports remote access and maximum learn-ability, a feature that has made us a leading name in the mobile app development industry.

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Latest Advancements in Enterprise Mobile App Development

  • Smart Devices, Wearable, Smart Watches App development
  • Virtual Reality Mobile Apps
  • Augmented Reality Mobile App
  • Mobile Apps with Artificial Intelligence Support
  • Internet of Thing and Connected Devices
  • Beacons and i-Beacons
  • Gamification Engines
  • Customized Analytics Platform
  • Right Icon Rich Messaging Engine
  • Right Icon Managing Business Operations e.g. Payroll, Inventory, Delivery
  • Right Icon Healthcare and Fitness Specialized.

Helping businesses solve their Enterprise issues

At ChromeInfotech, we believe in developing scalable and robust enterprise apps, which are created by the team of enterprise mobility domain experts. In today's time when companies are no longer restricting their employees to work from one location, we have taken it upon us to give the brands a support of solutions that meets the industry standards. Not just that, our apps also simplifies the transformation for them, while keeping the accountability alive.

  • Detailed Requirement Gathering
  • Artificial Intelligence Support
  • Optimized Screen Mockups
  • Material Design
  • Bug Tracking Report
Our Offerings
  • Manual and Automation Testing
  • Robust and scalable architecture
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Multi-Screen App development
  • Flexible engagement models