The Critical Business Need

Information is one of the biggest assets of any company, and with the rate it is increasing - is just astonishing. According to a recent survey, the average percentage of growth in the amount of data in enterprises is 30% per year basis, making the storage surge in petabytes range. The content volume is increasing like never before, and to get the business operations going proper, enterprises have to take some important measures to manage the data responsibly. It’s time enterprises need to implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for a better business.


Enterprise Content Managment

Offering Productivity and Business Efficiency

ECM is the drive to build up a more contextual relevance for enterprise content. It’s a complete system, incorporating a variety of technologies that critically affects businesses. ECM is the complete strategy to deliver relevant content to business applications - encompassing different methods, tools and technologies. It helps enterprises capture, manage, store and analyze and then deliver the content in the most structured way suited to your business. The skillful management of content helps you effectively create an intelligent structure of information- increasing your business efficiency, employee productivity, and most importantly, it eases your process complexities.

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The role of Enterprise Content Management System

ECM helps you streamline your Business operations and processes by effectively structuring all the amorphous information at all levels of business hierarchy – Maintains consistency, integrity and minimizes business overheads. What it does is- Capture: First it obtains the information and creates a proper structure to effectively keep information organized.
Manage: After successful structuring, it processes the information, modify it accordingly and employ it to the desired task.
Store: The ECM always keeps a snapshot i.e. temporary backup of the information that is frequently changing for short term processes.
Preserves: It frequently creates backups of information changing during large intervals.
Deliver: It effectively delivers the information as and when required by the clients or any end user.
Our ECM Delivering Expertise
  • Expertise in ECM Integration with Business Processes and Back-End Systems
  • Proficiency in Implementing secure and Manageable repositories
  • Maximizing efficiencies in proper budgetary environment.
  • Experienced in core ECM Capabilities
  • Extensive Functionality with Search, Metadata, classification, taxonomies, versioning and document support
  • Skillful Delivery of Content Anytime, Anywhere
  • Experts in integration with existing IT Infrastructure
  • Automating Processes in capturing, Imaging and Video Snapshots
  • Digital Asset Management

ChromeInfotech – Helping you Strategize and Implement ECM

We are leading the Enterprise Content Management convergence, helping enterprises streamline their contextual relevance. We enable businesses create efficient connected processes with a complete structuring of their information and data at all hierarchies. At Chrome Infotech, we offer reliability – making us the most trusted ECM partners for business leaders in the sector of financial services, healthcare, and retail. We have a committed team of system developers ready to help you accelerate your business transformations.

  • Document Management System
  • Transactional Content Management
  • Content Workflow and Structuring
  • Web Content Management
Our ECM Verticals
  • Image Processing Applications
  • ECM Migrations
  • Records Management System
  • Social Content Management System