Cross Platform App

There are over a million devices, thousands of operating systems, and somewhere in 50s app stores in the market today. The collective number here is the number of prospect each business has. For a business to target its prospect individually according to the operating system or the devices they use, is going to be a costly affair. In times like these, Cross Platform apps with their highscaling and low time to market factors comes as the ideal resort.


Cross Platform App Development

The Growing Emphasis on Cross Platform App Development

Mobile market is growing like never before. Today the world has more than a thousand of devices all having different specifications and screen sizes, a number of Operating System versions, and a series of updates lined up and ready to change how users interact with their devices.

Under this scenario, it is wise to invest in cross platform mobile app development, as you would only have to put all the efforts and money into developing a single app that would function well on all platforms. It will make you reach the masses in much a lesser cost and time.

This surge in demand for cross platform apps has been the direct result of the need of a reusable code, easy deployment, faster launch time, and uniformity. Every one of these are reason enough to make or break your app.

Simple Yet Smart DESIGN As first impression is everything so we create visual magic by blending colors

Cross Platform App Development Tools we use

It is true that people assume that since cross platform app development needs one code that would then run everywhere, but it’s never that easy. With so many tools in the market, we always have to make sure that we are using the ones that would genuinely work: an understanding that we have received by working on a number of them, such as - ReactNative, Xamarin, Appcelerator, PhoneGap, and Sencha Touch amongst a few others.

We Are the Experts Developing Cross Platform Applications

  • Expert Hands in Latest Frameworks – PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Titanium, Xamarin, Signature Touch
  • Proficient in Cross Platform Programming with - ActionScript, JavaScript, Jquery, HTML and Flex programming
  • Agile cross-platform development methodology
  • Collaborative, communicative and transparent approach with clients
  • Comprehensive quality assurance (QA) testing before project “Go Live” event
  • In-house, front-end experts: Business Analysts, UX/UI Specialists & Designers
  • Google Android SDK application development

We have your Back in your Cross Platform Mobile Development needs

ChromeInfotech is a leading cross platform app development company that have developed more than 200+apps that have been working efficiently on a series of platforms and devices. With over a decade of app development experience, the company has solved the struggles that clients face pertaining to meeting the standards of all the different devices and their versions.

Let us help you in your search for greater visibility and higher revenues that is guaranteed to come by the moment you decide to invest ina cross platform app.

  • GPS Based Real Time Applications
  • Enterprise Application
  • Address Book Based Applications
  • In App Purchase, Push Notifications
  • Barcode/QR code Scanner based Applications
  • Web-based Mobile Applications
Verticals Where We Have Reshaped the Possibilities
  • Location based Applications
  • Finance/Banking Applications
  • Calendar based Applications
  • Video/Audio Streaming Applications
  • Social Networking (Facebook/Twitter)
  • City guide/ Compass Based Apps