With the exponential rise in the count and categories of smart devices – Businesses are in need of a technology that is “one-code-fits-all”. A single app - that caters to multiple devices, multiple platforms and all the different types of users on it. The Answer is Cross Platform App Development, which gives you “one-code-for-all” solutions. But Cross-Platform Developers are much effective than what they look like as they have to be very careful with client's app so that it is consistent on all the platforms. There is no room for mistakes. And this flawless experience comes when you work with the Best minds – The Expert Multi-Platform App Developers from ChromeInfotech


Why Choose Cross Platform App Development

ChromeInfotech has become one of the most well-known names of the Cross-Platform Mobile App industry solely with the support of our team of Cross-platform app developers. With an experience going back to several years, our developers have created 50+ apps that run on a number of operating systems and devices.

Our cross-platform mobile app developers are well accustomed to all the latest tools and methods that go into making an app that helps the brand be present on a number of devices all the while offering a seamless experience to their audience.

If you are looking for a team of multi-platform app developers who know your brand voice and are prepared to keep it constant irrespective of which platform it is on, at the back of their knowledge and experience of having developed apps for a diverse industry background, we are the one.

Simple Yet Smart DESIGN As first impression is everything so we create visual magic by blending colors

Reasons to Hire ChromeInfotech’s Cross-Platform App Developers

  • Data Safeguarding and Security Experts
  • Specialized in Creating Uniform Look and Feel
  • Experienced in Latest Cross-Platform Tools & Frameworks
  • Expertise in Technology to Target Multiple Devices and Multiple Platforms
  • Proficient is ActionScript, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, and Flex programming

Cross-Platform App Development Experts - ChromeInfotech

We are the Pioneer Cross-Platform App Development Company, which is why businesses of all sizes rely on us. At ChromeInfotech, we drive innovation to help businesses realize the power of mobility. Our “One-Type-Fits-All” approach enables enterprises to harness the infinite potential of mobility, creating quality assets for businesses. A seamless workflow following the mobile center of excellence helps us ensure the IT best practices and Cross-Platform Development guidelines.To make certain that business productivity is on-the-go, our Cross-Platform App Developers comply with best-in-class tools and Frameworks, adhering to the security policies and quality measuring to international standards. We help our clients apply these capabilities, making them stand superior among their competitors. Parallel to our development services, we offer our clients specialized designing services. We have one of the industry’s best pool of Cross-Platform App Designer which helps our customers create awe-inspiring UI/UX.

  • GPS Based Real Time Applications
  • Enterprise Application
  • Address Book Based Applications
  • In App Purchase, Push Notifications
  • Barcode/QR code Scanner based Applications
  • Web-based Mobile Applications
Verticals Where We Have Reshaped the Possibilities
  • Location based Applications
  • Finance/Banking Applications
  • Calendar based Applications
  • Video/Audio Streaming Applications
  • Social Networking (Facebook/Twitter)
  • City guide/ Compass Based Apps