Cloud Services

Enterprise Cloud Computing is considered to be the biggest disruptor in the technology today, and has already become the catalyst for new business transformations. It has completely changed the market dynamics and is creating a new model for impactful businesses. How? With the help of cloud, companies can seamlessly off-load the IT software/hardware requirements- which were previously a very large and expensive undertaking; as companies had to maintain in-house IT, Data Centers, and other specialized facilities. Cloud has changed this quo in computing – offering a radically different approach where enterprises lease their informational and digital assets from cloud rather than keeping them in-premise.


Cloud For Enterprise

Features that make Cloud an indispensable part

Cloud computing Service is a complete suite of digital tools and approaches to deal with information complexity. Today businesses are breathing in a time, where enterprise operational models and management practices are thriving hard to “catch up” with the relentless technology changes. And for this your company should be more productive, more collaborative and more connected. This is what cloud offers.

  • Making Businesses and Individuals More Productive
  • Instant and reliable access to documents and large files – even when person is not at the desk , working remote
  • Increasing Collaborations – With a useful suite of features, groups and profile teams can now work in a way which was not possible before
  • Connecting employees all across the globe – as they are at the same workplace
  • Useful Mining of Data Insights
  • Cloud Analytics - Algorithms to understand the consumer behavior
  • Easy and inexpensive development and hosting of applications
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ChromeInfotech – Your reliable cloud partner
  • Expertise in Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Private Cloud
  • Proficiency in SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, SOMF Cloud Model
  • Experienced in Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution
  • 100% Infrastructure Uptime Commitment
  • 24x7 Support
  • Experts in PCI, SSAE, HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA and More
  • Compliant Cloud Solutions
  • Security Assessments and Audits
  • System, Network and Security Architecture
  • High Availability Design and Performance
  • Operations and Devops
  • Open Process, Agile and Secure
  • Managing Multiple Clouds

Our Cloud Services accelerates business outcomes

Chrome Infotech is the powerful provider of Enterprise Cloud Computing Consulting and Cloud Managed Services that is transforming the ways businesses operate. Our Cloud goes agile with you, helping your business accelerate in terms of growth, expansion and innovative breakthroughs. We have a complete portfolio of cloud computing services and solutions that offers enterprise-grade scalability, productivity and performance.

  • Cloud Server Hosting
  • Private Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud Email Hosting
  • Enterprise Cloud Storage
  • Public Cloud Hosting
Our Cloud Computing Services
  • Linux Cloud Server Hosting
  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting
  • Windows Cloud Server
  • Cloud CDN Management