Automation Testing

Automation Software Testing helps enterprises reduce manual testing efforts and time, and accelerate regression testing procedures. It also mitigates the risk of any human errors or unforeseen faults in the software. According to the World Quality Report 2015-2016, the test case automation adoption has increased from 28% to 45% in a year. This is the average percentage of enterprises adopting automation testing as their Quality validation and evaluation method. To cater the desired customer expectation of functionality excellence, performance and quality, businesses are increasingly turning towards automated software testing approach.


Automation Testing

ChromeInfotech – Helping businesses automate

ChromeInfotech is the proven leader in Automation Testing Services across the globe, providing the complete spectrum including Test Automation Consulting and Release Cycle Support. Our quality-driven team helps businesses test software features and functionality at a very fast rate, improvising the time-to-market of the software. We help you release quality business assets which are excellent in terms of performance and acceptance. Our speed-up regression testing methodologies helps enterprises to reduce their overall testing cost, while supporting the releases and after-launch.

At ChromeInfotech, we have one of the industry’s best team of competent IT professional and experienced testers. We offer cost-effective Testing services in all verticals. Our creative excellence has been recognized with numerous awards, the recent one being – Silicon Brand of the Year, 2015. We are a NASSCOM Accredited and ISO 9001:2008 certified company, helping our clients deliver superior customer satisfaction.

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The need of Automation Testing
  • Automation Testing helps you validate and evaluate software very fast, whereas other approaches take huge amount of time in their workflows.
  • Automation Testing can be done unattended; you get the machine to do it for you. But in other approach like Manual Testing, you need human intervention.
  • Enhanced Test Coverage
  • Test Executions gets Speed-up
  • Other Testing approaches are error-prone.
  • Highly Cost-Effective

Why invest in our Automation Testing services

We have a team of testers who are present in every process of app development, making them well acquainted with every element and the brand’s voice. We offer automation testing services to our clients who are looking for a fast release of their app with the guarantee that it performs as it’s supposed to. With the help of tools like Zephyr, Appium, etc. we ensure that our clients are getting their app tested with a modern set of testing tool.

If you are looking to launch your app or site in the least possible time keeping their quality ensured, let us know.

  • Wider test coverage of application features
  • eliable in results
  • REnsure Consistency
  • Saves Time and Cost
  • Improved accuracy
Automation Testing Services
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Better speed in executing tests
  • Re-usable test scripts
  • Test Frequently and thoroughly
  • Early time to market