that Attract Millions

At ChromeInfotech we believe that the secret to a high ROI is a crowd of engaged users. And to get users engaged to your app is our job. Our team of designers specialize in creating intricate designs that are simple yet attractive at the same time. Our aim when we design Android Apps is not to make the millions of Android users fall for the complexity, our motive behind every element is togive something to the users that is easy to follow and remember.


Android Application Designer

Designing Android Apps that can’t be Ignored

Our Android App Designers have an expertise in judging what it is that the clients’ customers need to see and experience on their Android devices. Theconcept that our designers use to draft an app that is memorable and easy to follow has got ChromeInfotech a number of awards from reputed names in the mobile app domain.

We have developed 200+ Android Apps till date and ineach of them we have embossed a design and flow that is different from all the other apps on an atomic level. Each of the elements whether as minute as a widget or as striking as the color scheme tells a different story and imparts a new unfelt experience.

If you want your app to touch and change lives, get in touch with our team of designers who will get it done for you.

Simple Yet Smart DESIGN As first impression is everything so we create visual magic by blending colors

What makes our Android App Designs Special

There is no secret formula behind the 200+ Android Apps thatwere designed by our team of out of the box thinker designers for the client base ranging from a number of nations portraying their own set of values. It is solely on the basis of their observation and experience that our designers today have been able to give a memorable experience with every touch and move in an app.

Why Let ChromeInfotech be your Android App Design Partner

We have become the leading Android app development company of the US and world solely because we have been there in the industry before Play Store. We have developing apps on Android’s Operating System way before it decided to come up with an app platform. Our understanding and hand on experience with the brand goes way back.

This understanding has been the sole contributor of our 50+ getting featured on the Play Store. We understand what your customers want to see and feel on their devices, what they love to use and we can get you there – on the platform of a million users, simply on the basis of our intricate, simplified designs.

  • The Agile Workflow Model
  • Engaging User Experience
  • Interactive Interface
  • Complying with International quality standards
  • Best-in-Class Industrial architecture for Robust and Scalable Applications
The Difference We Make
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Strong technology competency
  • Best practices and proven methodologies
  • Stringent security standards
  • Cost Efficient