Mobile Apps in On-Demand Economy

This white paper is for entrepreneurs, business owners and product managers interested in Business Models and Mobile Apps of the On Demand Economy.

On Demand Economy is here to stay

On-demand economy is a young industry. Most of the businesses are about 5 years old. So yes, it will take some time to mature. But it’s definitely here to stay.

Business Models of the On Demand Economy

While consuming new information 24/7, people are making new decisions anytime, anywhere. It’s only natural for them to expect to buy anything, at a time they choose, at a place they choose. The traditional business models are being disrupted.

Key Mobile App features across business models

Apps, in a mobile first world, are not just a distribution platform. Businesses need to see this as an opportunity to build relationships with consumers at scale. Uber has been successful in doing exactly that, with its promise of “Everyone’s Personal Driver” and by providing a mobile experience to fulfill the promise.

Contents Include

  • • Decisions regarding business model you need to make before starting app development
  • • Why on demand business models are successful across so many industries
  • • How businesses can differentiate in a mobile first world

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