App Revenue Models In The Mobile Only World

This whitepaper helps Entrepreneurs and Mobile App Developers earn revenues from their mobile apps in line with the value they create for the users.

The golden rule of marketing states follow the attention. Mobile apps are commanding more attention from users by the day. It is only natural that users will spend more money, where they are spending their time.

How can you build more value for your users? How can you monetize it? Should you use only one revenue model or more?

The white paper will help you answer these questions and more. Dive in to take a closer look.

    White paper highlights:

  • ● Recognizing the growth of mobile apps and sizing the opportunity
  • ● A single framework to understand every possible revenue model for your app
  • ● How to decide between different revenue models and position your app for maximum profit
  • ● Difference between in-app Purchases and display advertising models
  • ● Sponsorships as an innovative way to make money from your mobile app

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