App Store Optimization Demystified

This whitepaper is for Entrepreneurs and Marketers who face the challenge of promoting their app for success.

Search Engine Discovery is most common way people discover an app. With over 2 Million Apps in market, how can a new app rank ever feature among the top recommendations?

How to pick a compelling app name and title? Can the description of your app entice users to download it?

What can you do to get more reviews and ratings? Can localization of your app help acquire customers quicker?

    Contents Include:

  • 1. What do you risk by neglecting ASO?
  • 2. What questions to ask when performing competitor research?
  • 3. How to choose the best categrory and keywords for your app?
  • 4. What makes an app icon attractive? How do you tell a compelling story with the screenshots?
  • 5. What are the off-page factors that impact your search discoverability?

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