We Believe ‘a Right Set of People’ in a ‘Right Direction’ plus a ‘Relevant Process’ Results in Outstanding Products

At ChromeInfotech, we offer a work process that is committed to deliver a superior business solution, creatively spanning the entire product development life cycle. Over the time our work approach has proven its value in building high-quality applications – not only meeting but exceeding clients’ expectations. We follow a development practice that is stated as best in the industry - seamless methodologies, continuous integration, build and deployment, Quality assurance with Test Automations, Mitigating Risk and Rebuild.

Inspiring Innovation in Each Facets of Development Process

We understand the need of a systematic work – which is adaptive, agile and extendable to meet customers need. We work on simple logics that connect customer experience to bottom-line, leading to business solutions that outstrips competition.

How We Do This

We Strategize – The Phase before we start with the application development – is the Strategy Phase. It is the most fundamental phase in delivering

quality software on time where we chalk out every upcoming phase in detail.

Evaluation – We work on assessing the clients’ idea of the product to be built. We do a complete analysis with respect to the products available in

the market. We measure the products on different scales, determining the strength and flaws if any. This helps our clients understand how their app will perform in the market even before its build. Our evaluation method gives us good insight to make the app work in a much better way.

Setting Up Milestones – In this process we set up our timeline for product development and the goals which we want to accomplish on the completion

of the specific timelines. This helps us keep track and performance of our work and also give our clients a milestone based results to know the current status of their apps.

Launch Analysis – We believe, a product’s success depends on how well it performs in the market. And this success depends on several factors –

like when was the app launched, what was the current scenario of the market at time of launch, what features where trending? Analyzing these market research data give us a good picture of questions like “how-what-when” resulting in our products success.

Product Design – One of the most essential phases of any product development lifecycle is Design. It’s not just a design that we work on, we define a

product’s success in this phase. The time taken in designing the product is the bottom-line investment which we make to come up with a classy and exceptional product.

Design Analysis - From The User’s Point Of View A product’s design makes it reliable in the eyes of their users. At ChromeInfotech, we focus on those

users who will be using the product. How will they want the product to be, to look like, and how to be used? We focus on all these points during the designing phase helping products exceed expectations.

Formulating Architecture and the Describing The Flow Once we understand what will be the basic requirement of the users from the

particular product, we define the use cases. This helps us analyze the flow of the product. We do it in the form of creating information architecture based on use case diagrams, entity diagrams and mapping use stories, which helps us visualize how the design should be.

UI/UX Design The time phase where we take a step ahead of the entity diagrams. With a continuous focus on quality, we create sketches and do wireframes

of the product. We work on creating a prototype of the actual product that looks and work exactly like the real product. This is very helpful for clients who get to see an actual modal of what their idea looks like in the form of product. This prototype helps them understand the product, after which they may have various feedbacks which can easily be incorporated in the real product.

We Develop It – Building Project Plans – Timelines and Deliveries We follow a streamline approach of development. In the first phase we plan,

How, When and Who. We chalk out the process of completing the project – we divide it into modules and then allocate the perfect set of resources on it. We have timelines and outcome of every module and team working for specific dates. This also helps clients track the development of the product without any hassle. They know on which date they are going to expect deliveries.

Quality Assurance and Testing –

At ChromeInfotech, We are committed toward quality, right from the start of the product lifecycle. Our processes and methodologies are up-to-date and meet the industry standards for being best-in-class. We test the products aggressively through all means of Testing, to ensure the product Quality. Our Testing Phase goes alongside the development phase. After iteration in development phase, we ensure quality – by creating use cases, test cases, manual testing and Automation Testing. Once the product is fully complete, we again run the tests for ensuring exceptional quality. We don’t prefer being traditional in Quality assurance– we believe in being Disruptive so that the products are out-of-the box in performance.

App / Product Marketing

We do extensive Market Research and analysis, to make sure that your product is launched with a huge response and receives the attention it requires. We help our clients ensure that their products make it to the cut, getting discovered fast and downloaded. We keep the Product Launch spark ignited – optimizing revenues and enhancing the application positioning in the market. Our dedicated team of strategists and marketers takes your launch to the top of the buzz – helping your ideas succeed and monetize. We have a passion for innovative ideas, and this makes us the most preferred choice of enterprises across the globe.