Partner, Mobile Application Developer

Could you provide a brief description of your organization ?

I’m helping a friend out with developing a technology software-based application. It’s just a first iteration app, no business yet. At this point, we’re almost done with the development, and ready to bring it to market.

What is your position ?

Entrepreneur and partner.

Opportunity Challenge

Could you describe the business challenges that you were attempting to address when you first approached ChromeInfotech ?

The initial challenge was finding a group of programmers, and we were not having success in finding anyone to develop our solution. I did some research and came across ChromeInfotech, and they’ve been remarkable to work with in every way. So, that was the first challenge, developing the product. As we’ve developed the product, obviously it’s gotten more complex than the original version. They’ve been great at working with on those intricacies.

Could you describe the scope of their involvement?

They’ve been responsible for both development and design for iOS and Android. It should be accessible on the Web on other platforms. It’ll be deployed for Android first and then iOS. The work for the different platforms has all been done concurrently, and we’re nearing completion of the project, although we’ll be releasing them in sequence.

They have a very structured approach to developing the product, from understanding the basics, and developing PDF wireframes, and doing some initial Web-based versions, and taking it from there, and developing fully functional solution.

How did you select ChromeInfotech as your solution partner ?

We were looking for someone who could perform the custom development work. I was extremely impressed with them and comfortable in my initial dealings with them. The time difference between San Francisco and India has never been an issue for us. They’ve been extremely accessible, responsive, and accommodating. Their pricing is great. There’s no way that local developers could have competed on price with what they offered. It saved us a substantial amount of money.

Also, they’re available for the long term. I know I can rely on them for the long term with ongoing maintenance, upgrades, fixes, edits, what have you. It’s comforting to know there’s a professional group that is able to be there for the long haul. They were extremely accommodating on legal matters, too. They met all of the criteria of what I wanted in someone I could work with.

What is the timeframe for this particular development ?

I believe we started around June, and [the] project remains ongoing.


In terms of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would demonstrate the quality of their performance ?

At this stage, I’m the only one who is privy to their work. I don’t have any third-party feedback for you other than saying they’re addressing every concern I’ve had along the way. They’ve never said no, or it can’t be done. They acknowledge what I say, my feedback, and address it. I’m satisfied, as the sole person who has accessed their work. Their coding isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely some of the best I’ve seen from an offshore partner. It’s always very consistent, which is great.

When working with ChromeInfotech, is there anything you’d consider unique about their strategic approach or development methodology that distinguish them from other vendors ?

They’re very professional about how they approach everything. They take a logical approach, and are very accommodating right from the outset in terms of legal documents, be it non-disclosures, software assignment agreements, things like that. Then reviewing what the product concept is, providing a proposal, accommodating on the proposal where requested. Once all that’s taken care of, they immediately follow up with different versions of the wireframes, and then working Web-based systems, then moving onto the mobile systems, and now working on everything concurrently.

They’re very methodical and very accommodating. What has been fantastic is not only the caliber of work, but they stay in contact with me frequently, and they don’t let the time difference interfere with what I need. Cost-wise, I don’t see how I could have gotten a lower price using local developers.

In retrospect, are there areas in which you think they could improve as a service provider ?

No. I’m 100 percent satisfied so far, and I expect I will be into the future based on my experiences to date.

We have five additional questions. For each of these, we ask that you rate ChromeInfotech on a scale of one to five, with five being the best score. How would you rate them for the quality of work that they’ve delivered ?


How would you rate them for scheduling, as in meeting deadlines and compliance with the project timeline ?


How would you rate them for cost, as in value and conformance with the original estimates ?


How would you rate your overall experience collaborating with ChromeInfotech ?


How likely are you to recommend them to a friend or colleague, out of five?

Five. I already have.

I can throw anything at them [ChromeInfo Technologies], and they can build it.

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