Offshore Devepment Center (ODC) Has Become a Standard Business Function

Offshoring Technology and Development Projects has become a standard business function on the global front. Over the years, enterprises – be it large or small have realized the potentials of offshore development center – cost advantages plus ease of development and maintenance.

Offshore Development

Centers have become excellent partners in delivering superior products in a cost which is just a fraction of the western world. Stats say India firms alone delivered approximately $75 billion IT products and services in a year time to other countries (US and Europe).

Defining the ODC Generation-2.0

ChromeInfotech Offshore Development Center (ODC) in India helps our clients deliver excellence in their ventures of end-to-end product development, application development, quality assurance

services and Maintenance Services. We have a dedicated, secure and highly reliable team at our ODC, expertise spanning across all verticals of technologies.

An offshore development center (ODC) can be helpful for you in many ways. It can help you secure a dedicated resource without having to spend a lot of money. The collaborative environment that an ODC provides can boost up your productivity and performance. At times, when you are on tight budget and restricted time, having an ODC becomes more than an option. It becomes a necessity. Hiring expert skills for a short-term can be expensive and may take a toll on your precious time and energy. But when you partner with the right ODC, you get access to dedicated and skilled resources at affordable rates. The best part is you can scale up and down as per your needs.

Why Clients Trust the ChromeInfotech ODC & Global Delivery Network

There are many benefits of partnering with a good ODC. But, you get to enjoy those benefits only when you choose the right ODC partner. You need to choose a partner who is capable of providing the services you expect in a seamless manner. It should be well-versed in the related technologies and have the resources at hand to scale to all your needs.

ChromeInfotech helps you deliver world-class experience with some of the best-in-class effective methodologies.

right icon Effective Agile Delivery Model with a strong focus on collaboration with customers and committed teamwork.

right icon Cost -Efficient delivery through implementation of standard processes, simplified methodologies, approach harmonization & commitment leverage

right icon Improvising time-to-market helping you start early and stay ahead of the competition while lowering development costs

right icon A world-class team of knowledgeable, dedicated and skilled team members to help establish a well-defined process and formulating standards for the client. This is correlation with a continuous approach to improve speed and efficiency