10 Most Popular Programming & Software Dev Conferences of 2019

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Software Dev Conferences

Keeping up-to-date with the most recent developments is fundamental in any technology field, yet particularly with regards to software and programming.

There is no better method to find the most up to date rising patterns than by going to a conference, where you can meet other similarly invested friends and watch the inventive sparkles fly.

Developers will profit by going to any of the accompanying conferences where they can tune in to keynotes by driving experts, sharpen their aptitudes at specialized workshops, grow their insight in specific classes, and system with other software experts.

Here i am going to tell you the 10Programming & Software Dev Conferences of 2019.

Top Programming & Software Dev Conferences of 2019

O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference

  • Date: February 4-6
  • Location: New York City
  • Cost: $1,595 to $2,345

The O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference covers the full extent of a software draftsman's obligations and is intended to give a gathering to systems administration, master speakers, and genuine experts to share their bits of knowledge and encounters.

Sessions at the 2019 event will cover topics like ceaseless delivery, decentralized information the board, hazard decrease and damage relief, and microservices. Keynote speakers include GregorHohpe, a specialized executive in Google Cloud's office of the CTO;

Matt Stine, worldwide CTO for design at Pivotal; and Glenn Vanderburg, software designer, and Chief Architect at LivingSocial.


  • Date: February 20-24
  • Area: San Francisco, California
  • Cost: $200 to $1,390

DeveloperWeek is one of the world's biggest expo and conference arrangement for developers, including 50 unique events through the span of the week.

The fundamental DeveloperWeek Conference and Expo commonly observe more than 8,000 participants and hosts talks from pioneers in the field.

The current year's line-up incorporates top experts from ZenHub, Reddit, Facebook, IBM, Groupon, Airbnb, Zillow, and Microsoft.

A portion of the conferences includes JavaScript Conference, DevExec World, Artificial Intelligence Dev Conference, Blockchain Dev Conference, and Microservices and Container Conference, to give some examples.

The DeveloperWeek Hackathon sees more than 1,000 participants and welcomes territory developers to fabricate applications sans preparation to go after a money prize.

GoTo Conference

  • Date: April 28-May 2
  • Area: Chicago, Illinois
  • Cost: $1,190

Chicago's GoTo Conference is an exceedingly specific event that was intended to give software developers a stage for casual and simple contact with specialists in the field just as with companions and different developers.

The 2019 conference will include tracks covering topics like cloud local, AI, microservices, programming dialects, develops, serverless, security, and deft.

PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit

  • Date: April 29-May 2
  • Area: Bellevue, Washington
  • Cost: $1,585

The PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit are a yearly event highlighting master moderators and an open door for the whole PowerShell people group to network and share thoughts.

It centers around Microsoft's PowerShell mechanization and arrangement apparatus and furnishes participants with a chance to connect with specialists, item colleagues, and similarly invested friends.

Speakers of the 2018 event included Don Jones, CEO of DevOps Collective; Jacob Morrison, Microsoft Engineer at Rackspace; Glenn Sarti, Senior Software Developer at Puppet; and Rob Pleau, Automation Engineer at FM Global.


  • Date: April 29-May 2
  • Area: San Francisco, California

DockerCon is a three-day conference that centers around the up and coming age of circulated applications that are worked with containers and gives many chances to figure out how others are as of now utilizing the Docker stage and containers.

The conference highlights propelled specialized talks and, hands-on lab instructional exercises, just as talks by driving experts and trend-setters.

Among the speakers finally, year's event was Solomon Hykes, originator, and CTO of Docker; Ben Golub, CEO of Docker; Laura Frank, Director of Software Development at Codeship; and Liz Rice, Technical Evangelist at Aqua Security.

Facebook F8

  • Date: April 30 – May 1
  • Area: San Jose, California

Facebook F8 is a conference expected for developers and business visionaries who manufacture items and administrations around the website.

The event includes more than 50 distinct sessions and spotlights on all ideas identified with the web-based life mammoth, including refreshed cameras, Facebook Messenger, the eventual fate of video on Facebook, security, and Virtual Reality.

While the feature of the conference is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's keynote, participants can likewise more often than not expect at any rate one major declaration concerning items or new developments encompassing the site.

Jax DevOps

  • Date: May 14-17
  • Area: London, UK
  • Cost: €399 to €1,199

JAX DevOps is a four-day conference intended for software specialists that covers the most recent advancements and techniques for lean organizations.

The event includes top to bottom workshops, sessions, and keynotes from worldwide speakers and industry specialists, and spreads a broad scope of essential topics helping organizations approach their day by day difficulties and discover arrangements.

The 2019 conference tracks are Agile and Company Culture; Cloud Platforms and Serverless; Container Technologies; Continuous Delivery and Automation; Microservices; and Monitoring and Diagnostics. Session pioneers incorporate developers from IBM, Elastic, Siemens, Open Credo, Adobe, and then some.


  • Date: June 10-13
  • Area: Orlando, Florida
  • Cost: $1,649 to $3,196

DEVintersection is a yearly conference driven by top Microsoft specialists as they jump profound into new software developments and the convergence of technology.

Including more than 100 top to bottom sessions displayed by Microsoft engineers and different pioneers, the conference will cover topics, for example, Azure, Visual Studio, SQL Server, AI, Big Data, Security, Mobile, and Machine Learning.

Speakers at the 2018 event will include Scott Guthrie, Executive VP at Microsoft; Scott Hanselman, Principal Community Architect at Microsoft; Kimberly Tripp, President, and Founder of SQLSkills; and Michelle Bustamante, CIO, and Architect at Solliance.

DevOps Con

  • Date: June 11-14
  • Area: Berlin, Germany
  • Cost: €413 to €1979

DevOps Con is noted as "The Conference" for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Docker, Clouds, and Lean Business. DevOps Con is held in both German and English and incorporates an expo floor just as more than 60 exceptional sessions and keynotes.

It covers topics like microservices, Docker, distributed computing, continuous delivery, lean business ideas, container technology, and shorter delivery cycles.

Past speakers of the event include Pieter Buteneers from Playn, Melanie Patrick from Trivago, Marc Cohen from Google, and Mike McGarr from Netflix.

QCon New York

  • Date: June 24-26
  • Area: New York City
  • Cost: $1,855 to $2,835

QCon is a global software development conference that plans to help software groups receive new patterns and innovations. QCon New York highlights 15 publication tracks more than three days, with 140+ industry specialists from organizations, for example, Google, Uber, Slack, Dropbox, Twitter, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Some of a year ago's sessions secured topics like scaling event sourcing for Netflix downloads; preparations and planning for testability; overseeing information in microservices, and examples and practices for microservices. The event additionally happens in different urban areas around the world.


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